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The boss of bosses and the supreme representative of the international Magog Cartel, Molluck the Glukkon is boss of Rupture Farms. Molluck was completely obsessed with success, the Glukkon way. Single minded and highly intelligent, he was the head of his class and loyal to the family in every way. He was devoted and a true believer in the pursuit of wealth. Attractive by Glukkon standards, he walks on his hands like most Executive Class Glukkons and has awful cigar breath.

But then things started to go down hill, the Meech population was suddenly extinct, Meech Munchies, one of RuptureFarms best selling products was no longer viable. Along with this disaster came the news that populations of both Rupture Farms' other top products, Scrab Cakes and Paramitte Pies, were dwindling. However no odd disaster or mishap could bend the determination of an obsessed and driven individual such as Molluck. He concocted a genious profit raising plan utelizing his avaliable assets, and pinned his hopes on this "New and Tasty".

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