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White Glint squares off with an Arms Fort

From Software's Armored Core: For Answer is the 13th game in the long-running Armored Core franchise. As in other games in the series, players will be in control of large battle mechs that they will use to unleash death and destruction upon their foes. The game features two-player co-op and 8-player competitive modes including Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch. You are a mercenary willing to take on any job as long as it is according to plan. The game features high amounts of customization options, with over 130 pieces of new gear and over 400 total. Another anticipated feature is the addition of large-scale bosses called Arms Forts, which the player fights at various points in the plot , usually in huge open areas. Still prominent in the game is AC 4's White Glint, whose actions have greatly affected the sequel.


An AC closes in on Arms Fort "Answerer"

AC: For Answer takes place ten years after Armored Core 4. The planet has rapidly deteriorated due to human pollution and radiation from Kojima particles, and most of humanity has taken to the huge, airborne Cradles for refuge from Earth's poisonous surface. The League of Ruling Companies rules the Cradles, and while they claim to act benevolently, their actions suggest otherwise. When the Cradles were put afloat, the League deemed the Lynx (AC pilots) too dangerous, stranding them on the planet where they now work as mercenaries. Some of these stranded have formed terrorist factions such as Line Ark, which defiantly resists the League, as it believes the Cradles are only a temporary solution to the planet's decay. Some, however, believe Line Ark is not forceful enough, leading to the formation of ORCA by Maximilian Thermidor. Since Armored Core 4, the factions have all been producing huge battle platforms known as Arms Forts to protect points of interest, only increasing the havoc wreaked in conflicts. Between the three factions' squabbles, Earth's surface has become a battlefield.

The player can play through AF: For Answer differently for a total of three different endings: the League and ORCA endings are standard, but a third may be seen if the player chooses a more violent path. The League's ending sees the player crush Line Ark and ORCA, ensuring the League's reign and the Cradles' stability; the ORCA ending has the player destroying the Cradles' power sources, grounding humanity but providing a means of escape from the planet; and in the final Destruction ending, the player and a Lynx named Old King destroy many Cradles and their inhabitants, as well as ORCA and Line Ark.

More information:

  • The game takes place 10 years after the events (National Dismantlement War) of Armored Core 4.
  • The default name for the protagonist's NEXT in Armored Core For Answer is called "Strayed".
  • The former protagonist is now piloting White Glint.


Armored Core: For Answer plays similarly to AC4. The player's mech has, in addition to the standard arm and shoulder weapons, two leg-based compartments for backup weapons should the player run out of ammunition or wish to change their tactics. Mechs are capable of vertical movement in the form of flying, as in the prequel, and use boosters to quickly traverse the battlefield; in an emergency, the player may activate Overed Boost for a short burst of intense speed. Also returning is the use of Assault Armor, a damaging explosion the player may initiate at the cost of hitpoints. As in AC 4, a mech's condition is measured by Primal Armor (or PA), which functions as shielding; and Armor Points (AP). Energy Points are used for boosting, flying, and firing energy weapons. Customization has been further enhanced since Armored Core 4; over 130 new pieces of equipment have been added. Most parts are available through the ingame store, with the right to purchase them unlocked as the player completes missions for the corporations, but some must be unlocked by getting S ranks on missions or playing through campaigns on Hard mode.

There is also, like Armored Core 4, a list of top rank Lynx you must defeat to get your ORCA rank up. By beating these top pilots you can win parts and more customization points to make your overall stats of your NEXT better.

Online multiplayer for the game includes eight-player game modes Battle Royale, a free-for-all, and Team Deathmatch, as well as the option of cooperative campaign mode. However, players may only start a mission if both have it unlocked.

  • Battle Royale is as stated earlier a free for all up to 8 people. It can get pretty hectic on smaller maps and a game of skill on larger maps.
  • Team Deathmatch is also like the name suggests that you can team up with others to take down another team. It can be up to 4 on 4.

Online Community

Although be it not huge in the first place, it is probably hard as of now to get achievements or trophies for this game if you are tying to go for the ranked online matches. Not many play Armored Core For Answer online that much anymore.

Arms Forts

Arms Forts are these huge units in the game you have to defeat from time to time. Think of them as boss battles on a massive scale. The Arms Forts have superior power than almost any other unit in the game. You attack some of them using the V.OB. (Vanguard Overed Boost).


Arms Fort Land Crab

You will face multiple ones of these some are modified. They are big and have strafing lasers equipped to them and like a crab have multiple legs. These are the easiest to beat. These are one of the only AF's in the game that are mass produced. They are used for invasion plans mostly. They are mobile fortresses that have decent firepower and are able to carry a nice group of Normal units.

Missions that appears in:
  • Attack on Richland
  • Rescue the GA Transport Unit
  • Ambush Sphere Invasion Forces (Hard Mode)
AF Land Crab

Arms Fort Spirit of Motherwill

One of the major first AF's you face in the game. It is also the one that is featured in the opening video against White Glint. It is massive, almost like fighting a mobile city. Although it may look like a city it is designed like a humongous Aircraft Carrier with legs jutting out of it and a vast assortment of guns and missile launchers on it. It is virtually impossible to attack from head on. You have to destroy most of the weapons to damage it.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat The Spirit of Motherwill
AF Spirit of Motherwill

Arms Fort Great Wall

Like the name suggests it literally is a Great Wall. Armed to the brim with guns and missiles on the outside its like a moving train. The only way to defeat it is get on the inside of it and destroy the reactor and get out before the place explodes with you inside.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat AF Great Wall
AF Great Wall

Arms Fort Cabracan

This thing is basically a huge tower that has missiles everywhere. That it is its really only form of attack though since its main focus is defense albeit one major downside is that this skirt looking thing likes to go up once in awhile and getting under there is wear one can deal almost if not all of its damage to the thing. It wont be that easy though since the top half of the thing carries multiple drones that shoot lasers that protect it.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat AF Cabracan
AF Cabracan

Arms Fort Strigo

One of 2 Marine type AFs in the game, AF Strigo is a fast boat like mech that has a giant laser blade on the face of it that is designed to destroy naval units. Its main weakness is a vent on the top of it. It is also so fast that it could even out run a NEXT.

Missions that appears in:
  • Attack on Naval Port of Mimir
  • Defeat AF Stigro
  • Defeat the 8th fleet
AF Strigo

Arms Fort Jet

A hevaily armored bladed flying AF. Due to its many energy blades it is cable of taking down enemy NEXTs (Sometimes in one blow.). Is heavily armored except for its upper half. Due to its low production costs this is also mass produced.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat ORCA's Special AF Unit
  • Defend Arteria Cranium (A miniature version of it; only on hard mode).
AF Jet

Arms Fort Eclipse

The AF that looks like a UFO. This thing has lasers on all sides and is able to fire 360 degree radius. Unlike other AF's it has very light armor so it relies on manuverability and speed to survive. It also has main Hi-cannon that has a triple shot.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defend Megalis
  • Defend Anti-Satellite Cannons
AF Eclipse

Arms Fort Sol Dios Orbit

Ah the Sol Dios Orbit, the easiest way to sum up this AF is that it is just a modified land crab with Sol Dios spheres/cannons. I would suggest playing Armored Core 4 if you don't know what Sol Dios is. The cannons themselves float above the Land Crab and shoot the NEXT on approach. The Sol Dios canonns which are also full of Kojima Particles also have the ability of Assalut Armor, that attacks in all directions. On Hard Mode, if your NEXT is fast enough, you can make the Sol Dios cannons shoot down the Land Crab itself.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat Unidentified AF
AF Sol Dios Orbit

Arms Fort Giga Base

The other Marine type AF in the game. It is a giant base focused primarily on long range combat and has only a few turrets for up close enemies. It also has a very powerful canon on it cable of destroying units. It has been seen in the game multiple times on both land and water.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat AF Giga Base
  • Clear Former Chinese Shanghai
  • Defeat AF Cabracan. (Normal Mode only)
AF Giga Base

Arms Fort Answerer

The badass himself (kinda), the AF Answerer is crazy floating spike flower looking Arms Fort and is quite formidable. In itself it is almost like a NEXT itself with the ability of Primal Armor and Assault Armor. It also has many other normal conventional weapons at its disposal like lasers and missiles. It is no normal Primal Armor in its defense though its SUPER Primal Armor that is very hard to break through. Since Primal Armor is in the use of Kojima Particles, when fighting Answerer on Hard Mode just being close to it lowers your armor points. The best thing to attack it with is grenade/rocket launchers and blades.

Missions that appears in:
  • Defeat AF Answerer
AF Answerer


The Protagonist


The Unnamed protagonist of Armored Core: for Answer, he does not speak in the game and his default name for him is the protagonist's NEXT "Strayed". Strayed carries out the mission for The League, and later onto other faction if he chooses.

In Japanese version, he refers to as "him'.

Collard's LYNXs


NEXT Stasis

The #1 rank Lynx in Collared, Otsdarva is commonly described as being Omer's trump card.

Wynne D. Fanchon

NEXT Reiterpallasch

Known as "GA's disaster" and "Brass Maiden", Wynne D. never failed an assignment nor giving up on the battlefield.


Maxilian Thermidor

NEXT Unsung

The leader of ORCA, Thermidor carries out Rayleonard's "Closed Plan" to open the last frontier of mankind, outer space.

Old King


Leader of formed armed rebal group called, Liliana, Old King joins ORCA when major of his forces was wiped out by Strayed in one of the mission.


NEXT Opening

Thermidor's right hand-man and second in command of ORCA, Malzel secretly plotting for executing the Closed Plan.

Line Ark's LYNX

White Glint (Anatolia's Raven)

NEXT White Glint

Line Ark's strongest military asset, he joined Line Ark few years ago after the fall of Anatolia. As their greatest weapon, if he dies, it will end Line Ark, forever.


Fiona Jarnefeldt

White Glint's operator and only operator for Line Ark, she and White Glint from Armored Core 4 decided to leave Anatolia after it's destruction.

Serene Haze

The protagonist's operator, she is different than other operators in the series cause she talk to Strayed as almost like an instructor. It also tells about bit of her past as an LYNX when talking to him.

Xbox 360 Game Installation

An installation to the Xbox 360 hard drive requires 6.0GB of space. There are no performance benefits gained from game installation.

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