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Maximilian Thermidor pilots a black and red coloured mid-weight reverse-jointed craft, Unsung. His goal is to succeed and make Rayleonard's former vision a reality. Equal parts romanticist, visionary, and passionate demagogue, he is a complex, if not divided man. He is one of the Original five. He believes that carrying out the former Rayleonard's "Closed Plan" will open the last frontier for mankind...Outer Space. He shares some personality and AC part design (with emphasis on energy weaponry and missiles) to Berlioz in Armored Core 4. It is revealed during "Attack on Arteria Cranium" (on Hard Mode only) that Thermidor is actually Otsdarva, who faked his apparent death when his boosters malfunctioned during a fight with White Glint. Otsdarva then became a double agent for the League, infiltrating ORCA, and betraying the player during the aforementioned mission.

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