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Armored Core: for Answer for the Xbox 360 0

       I rented Armored Core: for Answer because I was interested in rehashing my love of the mech genre. Armored Core delivered on its promise of painfully vast amounts of customizable robots and robot parts, while also creating some of the more challenging moments I've experienced in games of this generation. Unfortunately Armored Core: for Answer also opens up old wounds by showing how little mech games have progressed, and how Armored Core may be all of whats left in the dying genre.      As...

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For answer? 0

First gripe, What a subtitle, For answer? .... are you serious?But anyway now for the actual game. First off the mechs look fantastic i can give them that. but the gameplay and the missions are so broken, After i made my mech and did the first few missions i was honestly bored out of my mind, They ranged from laghably easy to frustratingly hard, The bad part isthere not hard for a good reason. As the norm in this game you'll come to find you can blow the hell out of 20 battleships and a huge ar...

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Armored Core For Answer 0

After playing this game for the last few days I must thats it is pretty fun. The missions a short and most of the time pretty easy and staright forward. The game play is user friendly if you use the simple keymapping , graphics on the other leave something to be desired. The mechs themslevs look awsome and i guess thats the point but the background, well let me just say that my iopd touch looks better at times. The only things game play wise I wish they would change is the fact you can't turn a ...

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