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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Disgaea 2 is the sequel to the cult classic Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It's a Tactical Strategy RPG, which builds upon it's predecessor in every way. However, some would argue that the story does not quite live-up to the original. The one thing that most Players notice and may find odd, is that the Main Character is not a general Warrior-type like in most RPG's, but rather a Monk-type Character. Adell uses fisticuff weapons instead of wielding a sword. The one thing to most be said about Disgaea 2 and the whole Franchise, in general, is it's staggering amount of replayability and how far the Player can push the game's numbers. Getting to Level 9999 is the goal of many Disgaea enthusiasts.


The Overlord, Zenon, curse the lands of Veldime many years ago, turning all of it's inhabitants from Humans to Demons... all that is, except for one. This lone young man is named Adell. Adell has vowed to destroy Zenon and undo the curse, so that it may turn his family back to their former Human selves. Adell and his "Mom", a crazy Witch Summoner Demon Lady, attempt to summon Zenon to their Village so that Adell can finish him off the easy way. Unfortunately the experiment may have failed, as they summon instead, what they think, is Overlord Zenon's Daughter instead. Her name is Rozalin, and she proudly states that she is in-fact "Overlord Zenon's only Daughter." Adell then decides to go on a Quest to bring her back to her father and kill him at the same time, because, "that's just his style."

Multiple Endings

Disgaea 2 has multiple endings. Some of these endings reveal massive story elements. It is possible to get bad endings part way through.

Character Classes

Story Character Classes

Adell - Demon Hunter/ Archer Guards/ Prism Black
Rozalin - Zenon's Child
Tink - Dirty Frog
Hanako - Adell's Sister
Taro - Rozy's Slave
Etna - Beauty Queen
Yukimari - Kunoichi
Axel - Dark Hero
Fubuki - Ninja Master

Humanoid Classes

samurai and female fighter
samurai and female fighter

Male Fighter
Lady Fighter
Heavy Knight
Rune Knight

Monster Classes

Flora Beast
Aqua Demon
Wood Golem
Mystic Beast
Rifle Demon
Holy Dragon
Dragon Zombie

Cameo Character Classes

Laharl - Overlord
Flonne - Fallen Angel
Prinny Kurtis - Defender

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