Does anyone still play worms?

#1 Posted by pineappel (11 posts) -

I remember my play worms when the graphics where still old school and I discovered the game again a couple of weeks ago. I don't know, I believe it is one of the funniest games and I never loose interest in it! I saw the worms Revolution is coming out in October and I already bought a paysafecard to buy it!

#2 Posted by Morningstar (2323 posts) -

The atari version? On occasion.

#3 Posted by GunstarRed (5829 posts) -

Played loads when I was younger and got the XBLA one when it came out, but grew really tired of how accurate the AI was. Was no fun at all.

#4 Posted by Djnuttty (143 posts) -

I capture worms in the garden and make them battle. I am like the concrete donkey in that I usually stomp on them.

#5 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -


#6 Posted by Nightriff (6368 posts) -

Last one I played was Armageddon which was like 10+ years ago now, it was fine but I enjoy other games

#7 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

Yeah, when me and my friends get drunk it tends to lead to Worms eventually.

#8 Posted by JuicyDrop (29 posts) -

Hehe, Worms - long time to play.

Is it available on Steam too?

#9 Posted by pineappel (11 posts) -

Yeap! there is a new edition on Steam now, but you can also find some older ones :)

#10 Posted by Maginnovision (545 posts) -

I used to play worms 2 alot over lan. Haven't played much in a long while though.

#11 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (661 posts) -

I preordered Revolution on Steam, which will be the first Worms game I've played it a long time.

#12 Posted by laserbolts (5446 posts) -

Played a ton of worms 1 on playstation. I really only find it enjoyable with multiplayer. Haven't played a worms game in years.

#13 Posted by egg (1619 posts) -

I played the PSP demo of Worms Battle Islands but I felt it was a broken game, there were too many things wrong with it. I would actually say that Worms hasn't stood the test of time. -_-

#14 Posted by JuicyDrop (29 posts) -

I'd better not start Worms now. I've got the exams at school and the new Assassins Creed is coming out in the end of this month. I was fighting myself to stop playing Diablo and go learn something... :) The game was nice back then but now I have other priorities.

#15 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

I could play the crap out of Worms 2 or Armageddon, but those games are from an era before Team17 started treating things like Madden and removing basic features to include them in later releases to force you to buy their subsequent games.

Although I'm intrigued by Worms Revolution for being the first game that seems to be adopting new, modern influenced game mechanics.

#16 Posted by isomeri (1783 posts) -

Occasionally, yes. It's a good game to play with your friends while shooting the bull and downing some beers.

#17 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -

I have a group of friends that I play with all the time. Since my friends and I discovered Worms when Armageddon came out for PC and Dreamcast we've never really stopped and have played every version since. We had tournaments every week for two years where we would play for a championship belt one of us made (I was the first annual grand champion and got a sweet Worms trophy). We're all pretty excited for Revolution.

#18 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Waiting for Worms vs Lemmings

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