Warrior and Hogan(lolwut) confirmed for brawl

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Wait, how in the hell did they get Hogan? Isn't he under contract with TNA?

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He is but Hogan owns the rights to his image and Hulkamania etc, also I'm guessing he signed a deal well before he signed with TNA.

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TNA is so God awful and unwatched that Kurt Angle tells stories about people frequently asking why he retired from pro wrestling.    I bet in TNA they were so psyched to get a Hogan that can barely walk let alone wrestle that they didn't even bother to add an exclusivity clause in his contract.  

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@bartok: The actual story lines are a farce but the Wrestling is in a totally different league to the dross the WWE puts on these days.   
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They better have JYD and Hacksaw in this bitch!

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I want to know how things got patched up between WWE and Randy Savage.  He hadn't appeared in any WWE games for years because of some feud he had with Vince McMahon (if I'm remembering correctly).

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So...wait....you people are actually interested in a WWE game?

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Wrestling is still relevant ?

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This is the game with air juggles and 20 foot jumps off the top rope right? Looks...unique.

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@gamb1t said:
" Wrestling is still relevant ? "
There are still heaps of people who are both fans of wrestling and video games so I'd say yes.
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"lolwut" is totally appropriate in this case

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@MACacd:  I am more of an ROH fan but I prefer WWE over TNA.   TNA is just WCW if it had never folded. You have extremely talented indy wrestlers being held down by washed up WWE and WCW superstars.  WWE ain't perfect but at least you got some talented and charismatic new guys like Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan(yes I am aware of his real name and past), Alberto Del Rio, and John Morrison given a chance to shine.   Plus John Cena, love or hate him in the ring, seems like a genuinely nice guy and a lovable goof that is actually a good role model for the kids.    

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On the realz, as much as I abhor his corny gimmick, Cena seems like a true bro and he works his ass off for both the company and the fans.
If I remember correctly, Terry Bollea and WWE have joint ownership of the Hulk Hogan character when it pertains to different kinds of licensing. 
I'd imagine this falls under that umbrella. 
As for the state of wrestling nowadays, I'm quite enjoying the current youth movement within the WWE with Del Rio, AmDrag, Ziggler, Nexus, Corre etc. 
I haven't watched any ROH since Final Battle 2010, but that show had some amazing matches in Richards vs Strong and Generico vs Steen. 
PWG's apparently been putting on some stellar shows lately and how can you not love Chikara? If anybody is doing PG wrestling right, then it's them.
TNA on the other hand is a mess. Their roster has so much talent with guys like Samoa Joe, Motor City Machine Guns and The Pope, yet I switch over and see the Dudleyz fight each other? 
And they even come to Japan and sully the latest Wresle Kingdom show?! Geez.
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Hogan's life outside the ring may be a mess but he is a regular Rembrandt Q. Einstein when it comes to negotiating a contract.  
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@bartok said:
" Hogan's life outside the ring may be a mess but he is a regular Rembrandt Q. Einstein when it comes to negotiating a contract.   "
BRB changing my screen name.
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Rad. I'm probably not going to play it, but I totally bought a copy of Santa with Muscles for my roommate for christmas.

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I guess Hogan and Warrior worked out deals directly w/ THQ because the company insisted they be in the game. Savage on the other hand recently signed a Legends deal w/ the E

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This just got bumped up from don't care to rent.

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The demo was pretty fun.(I haven't played a really good wrestling game since No Mercy) A rent, not a buy. I stopped caring about wrestling about 5 or 6 years ago and I turned it over to USA the other day and saw The Rock and Stone Cold are back in some form...is wrestling doing so bad that they have to bring back old(movie stars) to sell the product?

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@ozzdog12: no new stars.  Seroiusly.  Orton/Cena was planned to be the Wrestlemania main event again.  Cena/Orton/Taker/Edge/Batista/HHH have been the only guys consistently on top since 2005.
I mean, Swagger's a joke.  Punk is getting there. McIntyre's a joke. Miz is a joke and he's the fucking champion.
In short: yes.  That is what they have to do.

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