Are there only four different versions of this game?

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So this game is another one of those titles that seems to have multiple different games released concurrently under the same name on different platforms by various developers.

It looks like the Wii and PS2 versions, both by Amaze Entertainment, are the same. They were also responsible for the PSP game, which looks like it's yet another entirely different game.

Raven was responsible for the "Uncaged Edition" on PS3, 360 and apparently the PC, right? Looks like this page should have its name changed to reflect that since it mainly focuses with that release of the game (what with the review and all).

Finally, there's the DS version from Griptonite Games. Same dudes that did Spyro: Eternal Night for GBA and Spiderman: Web of Shadows for DS (both of which were quite excellent).

Are those four the only versions or are there other significantly different releases out there? Anything on some crazy exotic platforms like the iphone or ngage 2? Any crazy random regional exclusives (like a european-only title or something)?

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