10 Year Anniversary (EU) Xbox 360 Edition seems like a steal

#1 Posted by Tomkang (276 posts) -

Found on amazon France, the new Xbox 360 S 250gb with Gears of War 2, Halo Reach, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and Fable 3 for just €280, the package normally would cost €354.

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This should be in the Xbox 360 platform forums.

Also, it's the 10th Anniversary Xbox 360 Bundle that was announced earlier today. It comes out on March 9th, and it's an EU-only thing supposedly. If I can order it and use it here in the U.S., that's a SOLID fucking deal! TWO controllers PLUS four games for $75 extra? SHIT YES!

#3 Posted by Heath (65 posts) -

PAL bro

#4 Posted by ElNeebre (132 posts) -

I know it's not necessarily celebrating the anniversary of just the 360, but I feel like they should have made a white version of the console... or even some special black and green version with the original Xbox logo on it.

Shit I'd sell my Halo Reach silver console for that.

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