360 sign in and Connection really slow for me. What should I do?

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Ok, so today I boot up my 360 and it did its auto sign in for my main profile. But for some reason everytime I do this now its alot slower then it was before today. I get that Xbox console looking load thing with the circles that indicates its loading and it does that for quite a while then log in. Also, when trying to connect to live, that loading is really slow to. Is this a "my 360 is almsot dead" kinda thing, or do I need to clear the cache or something? I just cleared the cache not to long ago and it messed up some of my saves I think. Most of the dashboard loading is really slow now. What should I do?
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I'm not sure but I have noticed that my Xbox 360 also takes a lot longer to connect to Xbox Live now... It sits there like it won't make it for a minute sometimes but eventually does. People on my friends list pop on and off a lot more frequently too which makes me think I'm experiencing some connection issues now. >_<
Don't know what's up, especially seeing as it does this for me on my Xbox at work and at home (both with the same account though, but different internet service providers).

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Are you connecting wirelessly?
Try connecting with an Ethernet cable if you can and see if it takes the same amount of time.

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@Raven_Sword: If you're on twitter, @XBoxSupport is really helpful and really quick to respond.  They might be able to help you out.
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@Raven_Sword:  I've noticed it takes longer to sign in one profile with multiple profiles on the same console and especially when stuff is connected via the usb ports.
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Maybe it's just something wrong with the internet lines or something. It's very possible that it's not related to the Xbox at all. 


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