Does anyone know any good games to play for xbox 360? :3

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I cant find any good games to play,Ive only found a select few of them that have caught my attention automatically. Thank yooouu. X3

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@jimmyfenix: Nooo..not that piece of shit..I final fantasy games or resident evil,anything that has to do with horror xD

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Any specific genre you like?

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360? Depends on your taste I guess.

Only 360 exclusive I'd recommend, though, is Tales of Vesperia. Mostly 'cause I don't have many 360 exclusives. But probably only if you're into Jrpg's

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@isaacthefirst: The combat system is real time and action-y. Very easy to pick up, but can also get rather deep by the end of the game.

Story is kinda what you'd expect from a Jrpg, so take that as you will (I enjoyed it enough, personally).

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The only worthwile exclusives on 360 are Halo/Gears games and the slightly better version of Bayonetta.

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Try Lost Odyssey. It has more Final Fantasy feeling than shitty FFXIII and it's sequels. Story by Hironobu Sakaguchi and music by Nobuo Uematsu.

Brilliant game in my opinion.

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If you want 360 exclusive Horror stuff go Condemned and Alan Wake. They lean more towards thrillers than horror but they still have their really good moments.

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@tobbrobb: Ive played a bit of Gears of War,Im still trying to process whats going on. As for Halo,oh boy. My favorite xD

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@verendus: I never was much crazy for the new Final Fantasy series. I loved the ones from 2001-2007. Final Fantasy X,X2 and such. Thanks for the suggestion.

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