New System Update Broke My Xbox

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The new xbox system update broke my year and a half old xbox. Was working fine, downloaded update but during install gives me 8 4-digit code that ends in C000 - 007F. Means "needs repair." Customer service is no help, say I need to pay $120 for repair. Not even to mention my Xbox would be in for repair during the holidays which is devistating since I just bought skyrim to play a disgusting ammount of and use Netflix to supplement the cable i don't own. Anyway I accept not having an Xbox during repair time but why should I have to pay for this repair? Customer service said it was my "only option."

In the past 2 years I've sunk $310 into my Xbox ($200 for my 3rd brand new xbox purchased April 30th 2010, $50 for xbox live a year ago, $60 for xbox live a couple months ago.) This is what my $60 Live subscription got me? Software that destroyed my console and now have to pay $120 to get repaired? Sweet!!

How do I contact someone who can actually help me? I feel like system destroying mandatory software should literally be illegal.

EDIT: This was my first post and I used my iPad. I thought line breaks would be automatic, I was wrong.

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Okay, first off: Line breaks. Use them.

Second: Sounds like you might be out of luck considering your date of purchase, but did you purchase a warranty from the retailer your bought your Xbox from? You might look into that.

You might check your local craigslist or whatever for a third-party that might be able to fix your Xbox. I've no idea what's required to resolve that error code (probably a firmware flash) so I don't know how feasible it would be for someone who wasn't Microsoft to fix it.

Have you tried googling your error code and seeing what other people did to fix it? All too often, the first thing people do is make a desperate post to a random forum (here) without actually doing any research. Hint: do research.

From the amount of money you've dropped into an Xbox, you could build an adequate gaming PC. That's a whole different set of potential hassles to deal with but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

Good luck, duder!

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how come its just yours then and not everyones. cos if it was everyones it would suggest a problem with the patch. but if its just yours then... well sound like it just you problem

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Buy a pre-owned xbox. In England they can be 60-100 pounds and they're often very good and practically good as new.

And no, you don't have to pay $120 to get it repaired.

@jetsetwillie said:

how come its just yours then and not everyones. cos if it was everyones it would suggest a problem with the patch. but if its just yours then... well sound like it just you problem

Indeed, it, also, does sound like it's only a problem for you. Maybe your machine just broke? A 'relatively' 'high' 'tech' piece of hardware like the xbox (same applies to all consoles and even PCs) will give out eventually.

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Try posting on twitter to @xboxsupport. They're generally pretty good. Give them your status code, tell them what happened, see what they say. Might be the same thing, might not.

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Thanks for the replies. I did do a check on google to no avail. Also asked customer support what C000 - 007F was and the said they "didn't know" and would "look into it" for me. I agree it is strange to me that I find it so difficult to find any mention of the error from anyone else but the fact of the matter is, and I promise this is without exaggeration, my Xbox was working totally fine moments before the update and without any previous problems whatsoever.

I have a decent PC so I guess my sob story is a first world problem, but I am still bummed I won't be able to play skyrim over christmas break or watch Netflix on my tv, which is in a different room then my computer. Also I understand that my warranty is up but still we are talking a year and 7 months here, for my 3rd Xbox. I waited in line release day for my first xbox and have been a live member since that day. I've purchased dozens and dozens of games and explained this to customer support. Is a little customer loyalty too much to ask for? Rhetorical question since I know the answer is yes.

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I'm thinking a used one will be the way to go but if a new xbox lasts me a year and a half, how long is a used one going to last? I have a decent PC and an iPad for work, so despite how it sounds I'm not rolling in dough. Also Christmas break is time off of work for me, I'm not some school kid who only has time to play video games. The time I'd have to play Skyrim coming up was something I was greatly looking forward to. It seems a used console is about the only solution I see to make that happen

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There're shady ways of fixing your console (soldering and all), so yeah, just keep that in mind.

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Well like I said, Xbox working fine until update. Suffice to say it's not that I haven't yet played skyrim just that I was going to spend dozens of hours playing it in a couple weeks. Unless I'm mistaken you cannot return opened games to best buy

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