So there's already a new Gears of War coming out.

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Do we know when it's actually coming out? Isn't this just an announcement that it's going to be announced?

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Wonder if this will be a prequel or what, as much as I enjoy the Gears games this does seem like it's being released awfully fast after 3.

Who knows maybe it'll be something crazy, like Gears of Wars Wars

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Wait, Gears is on the cover of the August issue? Isn't that SUPER premature, even by magazine standards?

Also, yeah, more Gears in general doesn't sound great right now, wasn't Epic making a different game? Fortnight? Why another Gears?

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Unless this is a different genre altogether i don't think I'm going to get all that excited. I'm done with the gears games for now.

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Better check yourself before you wriggity-wreck yourself

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@Zippedbinders: Weird the article says the July cover but the link says August.

As for the game itself I'm guessing mid-to-late 2013 for it.

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I was hoping they would wait for the new consoles for this and Dead Space 3. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

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Seriously.... what's the point of E3 if everything is announced or leaked beforehand.  
Anyway, I have the same feelings for another Gears of War as I did when I heard they were doing another God of War. Meh!

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Judging from the one screenshot in that story, it looks like it'll be a prequel probably covering the war before E-Day. (I can't remember the name of it right now.) I hope it's for the next Xbox, but if they're showing it this early, it'll probably be out next year on the 360.

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So no X720 in 2013, that's what I get from this.

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Too bad it clearly says 'new game'.

More DLC or a Second Season Pass would have been ok.

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That's kind of weird, since 3 was clearly built to last people a long while.

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Was Halo the first big game to go the New IP - Sequel - Sequel - Prequel route?

...I forgot about ODST. Well, that was kinda a prequel, right? Nah, more like a side story. Anyway, I've got no hype for more Gears.

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Played the first, that was enough for me.

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This one is being made by Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly so I'm very excited to see what direction they take the series. Gears with no cover system? gears a little less serious and more goofy? fuck I hope so.

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It's probably not Epic this time but the guys who made Bulletstorm. There were rumors of them taking over the franchise after Gears 3 while Epic focusses on establishing a new IP.

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Ugh, People Can Fly should be doing something way better than fucking gears

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im excited. but my girlfriend is a fucking gears nut. she about flipped her lid when i told her about this.

my bet is it wont be a "true" sequel to gears. i wouldnt be surprised to see them branch the francise off into other genres. FPS, RTS, hell a gears fighting game would be EPIC.

but my hopes are on a action rpg in the vein of mass effect.

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What really, what the fuck. Give us a god damn break and stop releasing games year after year after year after year. I'm not ready for another Gears of War. I thought I could stop worrying about having to beat the games in this series each time they're released, lol.

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Epic and Microsoft love them the moneys $$$

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@rebgav: You mean the one that was cancelled?

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@Rohok said:

What really, what the fuck. Give us a god damn break and stop releasing games year after year after year after year. I'm not ready for another Gears of War. I thought I could stop worrying about having to beat the games in this series each time they're released, lol.

Gears 3 was released in 2011. All signs point to this being released in 2013. Gears is not an annual franchise like you suggest. They're going to keep making these games until people stop buying them. Can't blame a company for making a game they know is going to make them a ton of money, even if the vocal internet minority is tired of the franchise.

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Gears 3 was last year. This will be next year at the earliest, maybe even later. Don't see the problem.

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They're working on a game for 2013. Two years after their last game. And you people are enraged. How dare they... make a product. You realize they're in this business to make video games right? I'd love for you guys to drive on down to Epic and tell them they can't make any more games, they just have to sit and do nothing for a year because they're evil money-grubbing assholes for making something people want.


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Bleh. Throw this franchise in the same pile that Call of Duty is in for me. The "once-loved, now forgotten" pile.

Oh, I liked the first three, it's just that I don't see what else they could do that Gears 3 hasn't already done besides more fucking set pieces, which at this point I'm tired of.

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@alternate said:

Gears 3 was last year. This will be next year at the earliest, maybe even later. Don't see the problem.

Right. Two years seems to be the norm.

I'm hyped, I hope the rumors are true that this is being done of People Can Fly. As much as I liked EPIC's games, I wanna see what PCF can do with Gears. Bulletstorm was a great game for the most part.

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@TooWalrus: Metal Gear Solid went New IP - Sequel - Prequel - Sequel.

Resident Evil went New IP - Sequel - Side Story - Sequel - Prequel - Remake - Sequel - Sequel

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I wonder if they're going to take this opportunity to test their new engine, although that is probably unlikely since the new engine apparently can't even run on the tech of this gen's consoles from what I've read.

It looks like this might be a prequel? I know Marcus was incarcerated because of his actions in the Pendulum Wars and because that Game Informer cover seems to feature someone in cuffs it might have to do with that.

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So yeah another continuation of a game that probably doesn't need a continuation as much as a revamp. I would rather they stay with the high note of Gears 3 but the temptation as always is too great. Let me know if they do anything interesting otherwise I'm already putting a "pass" on it.

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Gears of War Wars or Gears Zero... I do think is kinda early for the annoucement specially when the game will come in 2014 because you know annouce game for next year , delay game for 4 months that's usually how it goes.

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Get Hype?

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Unless its a completely different genre or some refreshing new take on a third person shooter, I couldn't care less.

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I'm in. Until actually playing Gears is no longer fun, then I have no problem with them making more. As for people saying that this is a rush cash in, Gears 2 was two years after the first, and that game offered enough new content to make me happy* * I say me because I know a lot of people had issues with the competitive mp, and that was something I never played

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I didn't see this coming at all, and I'm actually fairly upset. Gears of War 3 ended perfectly and I think the story should be left at that.

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well the way gears 3 ended didn't really leave room for another sequel, unless its a prequel, and i hate prequels. prequels are super lazy. based on the cover art thats been floating about, its marcus getting arrested in the backstory wars. if thats the case, i've lost all interest. i hate when they do that.

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I feel completely neutral about this. I'm not angry or upset like most here people seem to be, but I not really that excited ether. I enjoyed Gears of War 3 a lot but I felt done with it afterwards.

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This might sound crazy to you guys, but I have never played the Gears of War games. I enjoy shooter games, but I also like a good story. Does anyone recommend that I play them?

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I played enough Gears of War 3 to know that it is pretty much the pinnacle of Third Person Shooters along with Vanquish. Don't really know what else they can improve on but if People Can Fly  is making it then I am at least sort of interested.

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