War of the Worlds XBLA - Q&A with the team here

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Hey guys,

My name is Lee Cummings and I'm one of the directors on the upcoming War of the Worlds XBLA game (out next week, 800 points).

The game has been a labor of love for everyone involved, and we really had a blast making it. We thought it would be nice to throw a few forum posts out and invite people to ask questions about the game.

I'll answer anything you want to throw at me as long as someone isn't going to sue me over it ;)

To get an idea of what the game is about, there are some gameplay videos and a dev diary up at the main site (http://www.waroftheworldsgame.com/).


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A quick bump - the other creative director on the project Mike Mika just did a video first look with Giant Bomb


If you have any questions I'm more than happy to answer them =) (or if I can't, or they're particularly tech-heavy, I can get Mike to answer them).

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