How does streaming work?

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So whilst I am catching up on the PS4 stream GB crew done last night, it left me wondering how the Xbox One will handle streaming to Twitch. So I go to Twitter and get this response...

Link Xbox Support provided:

It left me rather confused, so I go to Google and find this...

A fairly old post but when did this change? Or is Xbox Support misinformed? With all the old information out, it seems pretty sketchy as all the info about streaming to Twitch as before Microsoft done a 180 and changed their always on DRM policies.

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The Xbox Support account hasn't always been on-message for things-yet-to-pass, but that article seems to back them up on this - at least in the sense that "supported" games can be streamed. Maybe all games will be "supported," maybe only some will. Who knows!

Tell you what, though: after playing around with streaming on my PS4, that Xbox damn well better support streaming for all games out of the gate, or someone fucked up big time. It is incredibly awesome, and the most immediately-brilliant feature to come out of next-gen. If they let Sony monopolize that message...I feel that's really bad for them. I hope they're on top of that!

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No clue, only thing I do know is that it requires a Gold Membership like anything else on the Xbox that uses the internet.

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@roarimadinosaur: That explains some but I cant find anything that explains anything about Live streaming. All I can find is information how you can just post the last 5 minutes of gameplay or manually record to post the next 5 minutes of gameplay.

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I imagine it's indeed up to the application owner (game publisher) whether they allow Twitch live streaming to work...

Probably the same on PS4.

Especially because they don't want people live streaming their TV or Netflix etc

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I think some embargoes on the Xbox One hardware and UI expire next Tuesday, so I wouldn't expect any detailed info before then.

That being said, I don't recall there being much pre-launch info about the streaming on PS4 either, and it's probably going to be a similar situation on Xbox One.

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So like all those Killer Instinict twitch streams of the past few months are off hardware on a PC? live stream right now

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Probably, Team Spooky has been doing streams/etc for a long time now. You also probably don't have the ability to add the overlays/etc that they use when streaming direct from the console.

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I knew Microsoft was quiet for some reason.

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Polygon's "feature of the next generation": coming maybe sometime in the future to Xbox One.

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Gies is kind of going off on Twitter how this (no Twitch streaming support till sometime 2014) isn't a big deal but the reaction to it is unfair. *shrug*

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@extomar said:

Gies is kind of going off on Twitter how this (no Twitch streaming support till sometime 2014) isn't a big deal but the reaction to it is unfair. *shrug*

I don't follow Gies but he's right. It really isn't a big deal to like 90% of the Xbox One audience. Still kind of shitty, though.

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It is just the pretzel style mind bending logic he tries to spout that has always bothered me. Streaming is important...but it isn't a big deal for the XBox One...and everyone is blowing it out of proportion because you can still use capture hardware....but Microsoft will have it on March 11, 2014! And then he tries to paint himself as middle of the road.


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@extomar said:

Gies is kind of going off on Twitter how this (no Twitch streaming support till sometime 2014) isn't a big deal but the reaction to it is unfair. *shrug*

I mean it kind of isn't. Most casuals probably won't give a fuck or even notice it. No one's gonna buy a PS4 because they can stream on it. It's not a system seller feature, so to speak, even if it's pretty cool.

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Anyone that wants to stream day one will have stuff to do so. The important part of the twitch stuff is being able to watch streams on the console and you can still do that.

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