Playing your own music on Xbox One (a how-to / some issues)

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After some Googling, I finally figured out how to do this because I'll be damned if I'm paying Microsoft an additional $10 a month to stream my own music to my xbox while I play Forza.

It turns out the Xbox Music app can act as a dumb DLNA receiver. Using the free Android app called Skifta I was able to turn my HTC One into a DLNA server, and from there I could send any local mp3s on my phone or things in my shared folder on my networked PC to the Xbox Music app, however, I've run into 2 issues that are keeping this from being an ideal solution during gameplay:

1. Every time a new track starts playing, the Xbox pauses the game and switches attention to the snapped side of the screen. Meaning every 3-5 minutes I have to say "Xbox: Switch" (often multiple times until the amazing new Kinect recognizes it) and then unpause the game. Pretty clunky, pretty annoying.

2. There does not seem to be a way to play music during gameplay without it being "snapped" to the side of the screen. I don't need the track info taking up a quarter of my play area! I don't get how this is a better user experience than having all of this stuff accessible in the mini-guide.

There are a lot of baffling UI decisions with the Xbox One that make it feel a step backward in functionality that I can only hope get fixed in a patch at some point.

Luckily my HTC One has loud, ok sounding speakers and I've just been playing music through that as a compromise until I can figure out a better solution. If anyone knows a better way to do this though, I'd love to know.

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It is infuriating that this is an issue for both consoles in 2013.

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I made a video to demonstrate how to get music playing on your system over DLNA and the problems with it. Watch it if you're interested. and if anyone knows how to fix the problems i'm having with it, please let me know!

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Awesome, thanks for the post. I have been looking for a way to listen to podcasts while i play Forza. Do you know a good iphone DLNA server? Have also been trying to use the Xbox video as a dumb DBLA reciever but not going so well. I don't want to have to upgrade from win 7 to win 8 just for that

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I'll haven't messed with this since launch day but I don't remember it being that involved. I don't have an Xbox Music Pass but my main PC is on Windows 8.1. I was able to use Xbox Music to stream my collection stored on my computer (like I could on my 360). I'll double check when I get home to make sure.

Update: Very odd, I can snap the Xbox Music app and play a small portion of my actual collection. A bunch of my playlists show up but it will skip through most of the songs. However I can stream a 'radio station' of a particular artist without issue, playing songs that are not even in my collection (again, I do not have an Xbox Music pass).

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tx man.
the necessary snap is a pain sometimes for the music. Let's hope they fix that.
Have you guys heard anything about a future update fixing those kind of issues?

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I just up on headphones and listen to music while playing that way. I tried some play to app on my phone and fuck that snap shit.

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It is fucking unreal that something the 360 could do flawlessly at launch is garbagetime broken on the One.

Get a clue Microsoft, no one wants to buy music on your shitty store (and we don't want your fucking movies either). Just build in Airplay (and whatever other options are popular) and be done with it, and make the fucking thing work like it did on the 360 where it would take over the game music and pause for cutscenes. And having to give up 25% of your screen so I can see the name of the song I already know is playing? What moron thought that was a great idea?

Gimping your support of music streaming sure as hell isn't going to make me buy your service, it's just going to make me play games on my computer instead where iTunes works just fucking fine.

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@mike17032: SLOW down, u know it's coming, I know it's coming, we know it's coming. the system has been out for 3 weeks.

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@mike17032: SLOW down, u know it's coming, I know it's coming, we know it's coming. the system has been out for 3 weeks.

Really? I haven't seen that announced anywhere. It seems to me that MS wanted to replace it with a service you pay them for, that doesn't work as well as the old system did on top of that.

The 360 had this feature at launch, and it remained pretty much unchanged for the whole life of the system. It's a stupid thing to not have ready on the One, and I bet if they had spent half the time they used on getting their "here you can pay us for music" on the system for putting the old system back in it would be there. But the confused mixed nature of the One has the system being pulled in 100 directions, and it is far worse off because of it.

MS seems to have forgotten the very important lesson that no one is going to buy these things to be a media device. That stuff always has to be secondary to the system being a game machine. I don't want to pay for some stupid music service to listen to on my One, I just want to be able to listen to my music while I play a game.

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its probably a lower priority because Microsoft has numbers indicating that most people didn't use that functionality

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Clearly a move by both platform holders to squeeze more money out of you. I've found myself snapping the TV over and playing one of the radio stations we get on cable box....

I really wish tune in radio was available as an app and to snap over.

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@mike17032: I might be wrong, but I'm confident it will happen. I think that once they make the windows 8 ecosystem all the same on their 3 plateforms as they said they want to do it, I'm sure it will be really easy. Might be through skydrive though...

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I've got my own little solution not the best though for some. Since the TV option is via HDMI I simply use my laptop.

Also since I do have a Chromecast too I can use the google play music android app to stream music through the Chromecast via HDMI, if I need my laptop for something else

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@spookytapes: no fear the king of loopholes is here what you do is you buy a 3.5mm audio cable you then connect 1 side into your music player say it be a



3.mp3 player phone

Then plug it into the AUX hole in your

Tv or wireless gaming headsets transmitter box or reciever you play music on your device it will stream music perfectly

My setup =

Astro A50 wireless gaming headset + Samsung Galaxy S4

+ Scoshe 3.5mm cable = SOLUTION!!

You can buy cable at

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