When will we see new games and content?

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Hello fine duders! Since really non of the launch games are that appealing, when will we see more content? I've not seen anything announced, but I would love a great RPG for the One. And I was hoping they had some nice indie titles saved up, but nothing is showing up. Does anyone have any info? If not, I will like speculation as well.

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Well, it's been less than a month since launch so we are still in : " dull launch game mode" and should be til after Xmas...it's always the way

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Not until the new year. Specifically not until Q2 or Q3 assuming something new doesn't get announced and shipped before then and now.

Not much worth mentioning for another 3 of 4 months. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_in_video_gaming (<-- list of all known 2014 releases announced as of now)

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Well, as the other guys said, we're pretty much in dull after-launch mode right now until Feb.-Mar. However, there's some stuff trickling out every now and then. I think Halo: Spartan Assault, the port of the Win 8 touchpad game is coming the day before xmas, and I bet there's a surprise or two between now and then, just nothing else that's been announced.

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till next march imo's

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Offff. Feb / March is only goning to leave my xbox one unused. I'm hoping for more indie titles / smaller games as surprise launches.

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. It's for download now for $15. Looks like fun.

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well, there's the whole self publishing model on Xbox One, we could see some multiplatforms of indie games from PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Maybe 3 months different but getting something like Transistor would be excellent no matter what you play it on..... BUT, we have been hearing about indie games on PS4 for a while now, and as much as people are talking about Peggle 2 on xbox one, it's getting small marketing compared to Fifa and Ryse. But then is there any real marketing behind Killer Instinct?

But that's not me being cynical, there's a lot of good games coming out for Xbox One, just wondering if Indie games may have a shorter time frame then something as big as Sunset Overdrive.

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I've been waiting since 2006 for Xbox to get a new game

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@paulkemp: aren't you able to look at the same release calendar we all see?

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