"Xbox Select" Command Not Working?

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I have been using the Kinect voice commands since launch. Starting yesterday, I noticed the "Xbox Select" command is recognized, but it no longer highlights text in green, and no longer recognizes any of the associated voice commands. Every other command works fine, until I have to say something that should be highlighted green.

A perfect example. I say "Xbox turn off", and it brings up the "Are you sure?etc..." box, but yes and no are no longer highlighted green, and it will not recognize either one, no matter how loud I say it. I have to turn a controller back on, just to hit yes and have it turn off.

This has made it nearly impossible to use Netflix, Amazon, etc... without resorting to a controller. I haven't changed anything in settings or preferences, and can't seem to figure out why it suddenly started doing this.

Anyone else having this issue? Any help is appreciated!

Edit: I figured out a solution, no thanks to any of you duders!

Just kidding, but the solution was to power cycle the console, although I read a couple of accounts that had to factory reset to remedy the problem. Either way, its fixed, and hopefully this will help anybody experiencing the same problem.....

...although after this mornings news, perhaps people won't be using the Kinect for much longer?

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The last update (after a hard reset) has finally fixed the one voice command ("xbox on") that it's consistently struggled with, and the shorter, less-intrusive "listening time" is great. It's a damn shame that Kinect is really hitting its stride in functionality as the news breaks that they're pretty much doing away with it.

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I was about to say "are you using the instant on feature"?

I find that things begin to break if the console isn't properly rebooted after a while.

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