Do the Improved Pistol upgrades stack?

#1 Posted by kungfugrip (8 posts) -

I just got to a point where I have the option of getting Improved Pistol I, II, and III. Should I buy Improved Pistol III and skip Improved Pistol I and II, or is there an advantage to having all three upgrades?

#2 Posted by Encephalon (1333 posts) -

Each upgrade improves a different aspect of the pistol's performance, so I imagine that they do not, in fact, stack.

#3 Posted by BisonHero (7023 posts) -

@kungfugrip: Well, yes, all three apply at the same time. You don't have to choose just one.

But no, getting Improved Pistol III will not automatically also grant you Improved Pistol I and II. It's a suggested order, but all 3 do different things, and you're free to research them out of order if you want one upgrade sooner than the others.

#4 Posted by kungfugrip (8 posts) -

@BisonHero: Cool, thanks. That's the info I was looking for. I saw somewhere online (IGN, maybe) that all three upgrades improved the chance for a crit, so I was confused.

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