No Looking Back, who's in the 0.1%?

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So according to steam, only 0.1% have completed the game on Ironman Classic, and according to GB nobody has the achievement yet, however, I just unlocked it. So, anyone else done it? If so, what was your score and how'd you do it?

My end score was around 37k and this is the squad of heroes that took on the final mission, amazingly they all "survived" but poor Sir.Hicks "Von" Wagglepuss.

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Hicks "Von" Wagglepuss? That's too good for words. RIP.

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My first playthrough is on normal non-ironman.

All my subsequent playthroughs will be on ironman so I don't fall into the temptation of reloading and saving a loved crew member.

Not sure I'll go Classic right away, but we'll see.

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It's much too early to nail down completion percentages, check back in a few months to a year and see what the % is then to see how it stacks up compared to things like Star Ocean 4, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Wipeout HD, and Vanquish. Most difficult strategy games came into being pre-achievement craze so can't really get a direct comparison there. Starcraft 2 on Brutal is probably around 5% though I consider that to be relatively easy (dunno if they ever patched it to make it even easier).

Right now you can congratulate yourself but its mostly just a time investment thing. Now go complete Impossible on Ironman and feel good about yourself, though you won't have an achievement for doing specifically that; the horror.

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Wow you have an ugly looking squad.

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@Edraii That is some halo-ass looking space armor!
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I'm working on it!

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Phew, just squeaked in!

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