when will you get your Xcom Enemy Unknown?

#1 Posted by UtamiJogjaf1 (29 posts) -

As we all know XCOM Enemy Unknown will be release on 9 Oct in USA.All the USA players can get this game firstly.But all the players have to wait more 3 days in EU and AU.And what time will you get this game.Have you think to use vpn to unblock your game earlier?

#2 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

I will wait until it comes out, buy it on Steam and then play it, it's not exactly the dawning of a new age of gaming.

#3 Posted by Lazyaza (2320 posts) -

12th when steam codes become available for $40 aus as apposed to the current $70 on steam itself.

#4 Posted by Bell_End (1234 posts) -

i can wait 3 days. i have a fuck tonne to play at the moment and 3 days is no time at all.

#5 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2023 posts) -

Already preloaded on Steam ... really looking forward to it.

#6 Posted by JacDG (2138 posts) -

When is goes on sale.

#7 Posted by AbeBroHamLincon (92 posts) -

Preloaded and from the hours of 11pm until the game is unlocked i will refresh my library.

#8 Posted by fullmetal5550 (347 posts) -

I plan on picking it up tonight when GameStop does their midnight release. I can't wait for this and Dishonored. I hope both games sell well.

#9 Posted by thebatmobile (991 posts) -

It's preloading as we speak. The first game in a long time that I'm super excited about.

#10 Posted by Mike (14577 posts) -

When the inevitable Steam sale hits - at least 50% off. So, by late November at some point I'm sure.

#11 Posted by HH (880 posts) -

friday or saturday

#12 Posted by crusader8463 (14756 posts) -

At 1:30am tonight. Not that I'm counting down or anything.

#13 Posted by Shimastu (54 posts) -

I am getting it on steam Oct 8th 10pm for me since I live in colorado. And I am not sleeping!

#14 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1334 posts) -

I pre-ordered it already from amazon since I had $35 off and got the $15 gift card!

#15 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7803 posts) -

Picking it up at my local EB on the 12th (Launch day in Australia). Can't wait! :D

#16 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (554 posts) -

Preloaded already. Just waiting for it to unlock.

#17 Posted by zombie2011 (5295 posts) -

After i'm done with Borderlands 2, hopefully that will be before Halo 4 comes out.

#18 Posted by Nux (2571 posts) -

I already have it pre-loaded on steam.

#19 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7689 posts) -

When the price tanks to $20, PC games tank even faster than console games and "Turn Based Strategy pseudo Tactical RPG" doesn't really seem like much of a selling point. Firaxis fanbase will keep it somewhat profitable, but it's certainly not going to sell exceptionally well.

#20 Posted by Happenstance (492 posts) -

Ive got it preloaded but im not bothered enough to mess about trying to play it before the UK release date, I've got other games I can play until then.

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