What is your favorite Yuzo Koshiro body of work

#1 Posted by yakov456 (1971 posts) -

He was probably the first video game music composer that I actually knew the name of. And that was mainly because of one game in particular, Actraiser. The music of this masterpiece has stuck with me to this day. I think I can hum every song from the game, and it hits a sentimental spot with me. So is anyone else out there a fan for this game or any others? Recently I have also bought the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune soundtrack, and it's neat to hear how his music has progressed from the early 90's.

#2 Posted by reich_joyce (51 posts) -

The OST to Revenge of Shinobi is possibly one of my favourite game soundtracks. He really knew how to rock those FM Synth jams.

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