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I've installed the patch and am playing the translated version of the game and I must say they nailed the Fatal Frame vibe. The visuals have the same video filter on it that you've seen in the previous games in the series and as far as Wii games go it certainly holds its own. Gameplay-wise it'll take some getting used to. The game is played controller an nunchuck style using the the joystick on the 'chuck to walk forward and back as well as turn. The Z button runs and holding C allows you to strafe instead of turn. Very much the way some of the originals steered by default til they added the #D control option in the later games. The Wii remote can be tilted up and down to pitch the camera/flashlight in said direction.  + opens your map while - is used for opening the menu. B is allocated for pulling up the camera and the A button snaps the picture. While the camera is up you can hold Z to "lock" on the ghost. While it doesn't actually home your vision in on the ghost it'll build up for increased damage the longer the ghost is in the center of your viewer. You can also shake the Wiimote for a quick 180-turn.
Overall movement on the maps feels rather slow, even when running. In reality it's probably no slower than the older games but the camera sitting behind your shoulder now makes it feel like a snails crawl at times. The trade-off for this is the increased tension of not being able to see the ghost chasing you down the hallway. In camera mode it is jarring when you bring it up to fight until you adjust because no the control stick defaults to strafing and the wiimote is used to turn now. The quick shift in control methods can disorient at first whne you raise the camera in the midst of trying to move or holding the wiimote at an odd angle. For the most part though, once adjusted to the scheme it works well enough.
There are also two large gameplay changes I feel are worth noting. The first is objects that are able to be picked up will only glow when your flashlight is on them, so looking around is key. To pick up the item you must hold A and the character will slowly reach out until she either gets the object or you release the button causing her to withdraw her hand. This immediately screams of the occasional use of the ghost arm grabbing you as you reach for the item opportunities that are bound to happen. The other major change is during battle. Instead of just having the glowing red filament in the bottom corner of the screen there is no a compass style indicator at the top center of your screen that lights up in the direction of any spirits. This is especially useful for those pesky spirits that like to disappear and seemingly teleport behind you or elsewhere in the room.
I've only played a chapter or two so I can't comment on the story or any nods to the older games, but I can definitely say translation team did a good job not only translating, but working the script so that the dialogue and lines feel true to past Fatal Frames. Kudos to them all the way around.

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