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Deep Rock Galactic is a Co-op FPS set in the far future, where deep space mining is big business. It features procedural generated caves, sci-fi dwarves and class-based online co-op gameplay. The game is currently available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview with plans to release a 1.0 version in 2019.


Play as one of the loyal employees of Deep Rock Galactic, the only company willing to risk the lives of it's employees in order to mine the mineral-rich planet of Hoxxes IV. Hoxxess IV is a unique planet full of massively different biomes, that also happen to be filled with alien menaces who would love nothing more than to snack on tasty dwarven beard.


There are 4 distinct playable classes to choose from, each of which is armed with unique weapons, grenades, and tools. Each player chooses one of the classes in the lobby, called the Spacerig, by using the character selection terminal located inside each players' bay. Gear is customizable and upgradeable as each player class levels up.


The Driller starts out with flamethrower as it's primary weapon, and a semi-auto pistol equipped for a secondary weapon. The flamethrower can later be replaced with a cryo cannon, and the pistol may be replaced with a plasma pistol respectively. The Driller's primary utility tool is a pair of arm mounted drills to rapidly dig through terrain at a significantly faster rate than the default pickaxe. The Driller is also equipped with a C4 satchel charge that serves to carve out large chunks of terrain, or kill enemies in its blast radius.

The Engineer is equipped with a shotgun as it's primary weapon, and a grenade launcher for a secondary weapon. These can later be replaced with an electric submachine gun, and a breach cutter plasma beam weapon. For support tools, the engineer has a platform gun that fires platforms that stick to walls for mobility, as well as a deployable sentry turret that can be placed down to automatically shoot at enemies.

The Gunner fires a minigun as it's primary weapon, with a high damage revolver equipped for a secondary. These can later be swapped out with a high-caliber cannon and a burst fire submachine gun respectively. The Gunner comes equipped with a deployable zipline tool that all teammates can utilize, as well as a deployable temporary shield that can protect all teammates for a short period.

The Scout starts out equipped with an assault rifle and double-barreled shotgun as its primary and secondary. These can later be changed out for a rifle similar to the M1 Garand, and dual wielded machine pistols. The Scout is equipped with a grappling hook to quickly traverse terrain, as well as a fireable flare gun to brightly light up the area for an extended period of time.

Common Equipment

Regardless of the class chosen, each character is also equipped with a standard pickaxe, as well as throwable flares that recharge on a timer for helping to light up the area, and a headlamp attached to their helmet.


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