100% Orange Juice

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 15, 2009

    A combination of board game and deck building that has players battling for stars and collecting cards.

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    100% Orange Juice is a board/card game developed by Orange_Juice and published by Fruitbat Factory for the PC platform.


    1.Choose one of four characters to be your avatar on the board.

    2.Select which cards from your current available cards (which are bought the stars you earn in-game, it does not have micro-transactions) you own for when you land on a "Card Draw" space or anytime it is your turn to draw a card.

    4.Players take their turns rolling the dice and moving, the next action depends on which panel they land on.

    5.The board is comprised of five different types of panels:

    Neutral Panel: Nothing happens.

    Bonus Panel: The player's rolls a die and will gain a number of stars

    according to the roll multiplied by his/her level.

    Drop Panel: You must roll the dice and will lose a number of stars according

    to the roll multiplied by his/her level.

    Draw Panel: Draw a card from the deck.

    Warp Panel: The player will be moved to a random Warp Panel.

    Encounter Panel: Fight a battle with a wild unit.

    Check Panel: 1 HP will be healed, and Norma achievement will be checked.

    Double Panel Bonus: drop or draw panels can transform into this one. The

    number of the dice to roll, or the number of the cards drawn

    will be doubled.

    Boss Encounter Panel: Fight a battle with a boss unit.

    Home Panel: The "Home Panel" is the check panel from which each

    player started the game. The player is allowed to stop

    there, if they wish, when they pass over it.

    6. Collect Stars and defeat enemies to clear goals designated by your home your panel. Each cleared goal will earn you one Norma (a big, permanent star that can be seen next to the players character picture) .

    7. Once five Norma have been collected by a single player, that player wins and the game will end.

    Game Fields (boards)

    Practice Field
    Practice Field

    The game features 5 different boards, called game fields:

    • Practice Field
    • Space Wanderer
    • Lagoon Flight
    • White Winter
    • Clover

    Field Events

    There are a total of 8 field events that may occur on the board:

    Boss Encounter

    The first turn after a character reaches level 4, all encounter panels will become boss encounter panels (event continues until the boss is defeated).

    Mine Layer

    Every 3 chapters, a trap card will be set on a random square.


    Every 5 chapters, all units will be healed for 1 HP at the beginning of the chapter.


    Every 5 chapters, all players will receive 1 card at the beginning of the chapter.

    Random Warp

    Every 5 chapters, all players will will be warped to a random square at the beginning of the chapter.


    Every 5 chapters, all bonus, drop and draw panels will become double panels (lasts for 1 chapter).

    Air Raid

    Every 5 chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the chapter.


    Every 6 chapters, all bonus and drop panels will become encounter panels (lasts for 3 chapters).


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