3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Apr 18, 2007

    An XBLA and PC minigolf game focussing on extreme arcade elements.

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    Space... Minigolfs newest frontier.
    Space... Minigolfs newest frontier.

    The game focuses on arcade elements rather than stick to a traditional game of miniature golf. While traditional stroke rules apply, the game tries to add a twist to the game with the power-ups littered throughout each course. Three courses, with a total of 36 holes, are set within space, a carnival, and an Old West ghost town.

    One of the key features of the game is the course editor. The course editor allows you to customize all aspects of the course -- including the ability to place hazards and power-ups in any location. This feature has been lauded as one of the only saving graces to the game by several critics and players alike. Any custom course can be used in single stroke or tournament play in both single-player and multiplayer modes.


    Ballgrow - Makes your ball bigger to pass over certain obstacles.

    Blow Hole - Blows a ball away from the hole.

    Bomb - Explodes your ball allowing for nearby balls to be blown up as well.

    Electric Shock - Uses an electric shock to destroy any nearby balls.

    Fire Ball - A wall of fire is created that burns your opponents.

    Free Shot - The player is given a free shot.

    Glue - A trail of glue is left in the wake of your ball's path.

    Oil - A slippery trail of oil is left in the wake of your ball's path.

    Shield - A protection from attacks.

    Spring - Allows your ball to jump. Useful when trying to pass gaps.

    Vacuum Hole - Sucks a ball into the hole.

    Development History

    This game had an interesting development history since it was originally created in 2000 as a sequel to 1999's 3D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe. The original title was supposed to be Mini Golf Maniacs, and it was intended for both the PC and PS2. In 2001, Sierra Online shut down the Dynamix game division that was credited for creating the title and the title went into limbo for 5 years. Wanako Games finally picked up the title 5 years later, and in conjunction with Sierra Online, released the title to both the PC and XBLA. The majority of the game was unchanged from its original incarnation.


    There was one expansion titled the "Lost Island" which was released on XBLM for 400 Microsoft Points on July 25th, 2007. The downloadable content (DLC) added an additional 18-hole course set in a tropical lost island paradise. A sequel to this game is said to be in development for both XBLA and PSN. It was expected to have a Fall 2010 release window.


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