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Japan's Favorite American Cat

When Odie gets dognapped by a local feline ruffian,  Jon Arbuckle awakes Garfield to put him to the task. Too bad for Garfield that it's Monday -- and that the week ahead of him will be his most treacherous ever. In A Week of Garfield, the lazy orange cat must frantically search for keys and invincibility lasagna while avoiding dangerous spiders and mice.

It's Monday. Odie awaits on Sunday. Can Garfield survive?

The gameplay of A Week of Garfield centers around Garfield's frantic search for the keys that allow him access to the next areas. The keys are inexplicably hidden in the background and can only be found by jumping or moving onto where they are located, causing them to appear and be obtainable. Garfield can also throw bones and other objects at the mice, spiders, and cat bosses that will pursue him to the death across his week of hell.

Responsible for the death of Lorenzo Music.
Responsible for the death of Lorenzo Music.
A Week of Garfield was only released in Japan in 1989 for the Famicom. It was developed by Mars Corp. and published by Towa Chiki. Apparently rights issues, or perhaps even the poor quality of the game, kept it from reaching native shores. The Japanese box lists it as being a part of the "American Comic Action" genre.

Also, the game's instruction booklet states that the story takes place in New York City, though in the Jim Davis comic no specific city is mentioned, not to mention Jon Arbuckle's house is seemingly in a generic Middle-American suburb devoid of the urban trappings of NYC.

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