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    Aaroniero Arruruerie

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    Aaroniero Arruruerie is the 9th Espada, enemy to Ichigo in the Bleach universe.

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    Aaroniero Arruruerie 9th Espada

    Aaooniero with his white mask and unique cloathing
    Aaooniero with his white mask and unique cloathing

    Aaroniero Arruruerie is the 9th Espada in Souke Aizens army, Aaroniero has a very very very unique appearance instead oh a head he has a tall tank that sit atop his head, the tank consists of two floating heads. Covering the tank is a white mask that consists of 6 white holes, the two heads have different personalities and speak in opposite tones of voice, one high, the other low. Aaroniero has the same colored clothing as the rest of the Espada but a very different styled dress, it is long with a high color and frilled colar. Due to unusual circumstances, he possesses the body of the former Squad 13 Lieutenant, Kaien Shiba. His abilities are nutralized by sunlight.

    Powers and abilities


    Energy based attack that is released from the hand, power is ranked by color, red - green - purple.


    The technique used by Espada to travel between dimensions.

    Aspect Manifestation

    This technique alows the user to absorb the enemy and afterwards manifest there appaerance afterwards.

    Broadcasted Sight

    Aaroniero is able to telecast the information to any Arrancar of what he see's at any time, using this technique.


    Glotoneria is the name of Aaroniero's zanpakuto, which takes the form of a tentacle-riddled appendage replacing his right arm.


    Glotoneria's released form.
    Glotoneria's released form.

    Glotoneria when released transforms Aaroniero's lower body into a giant cthulthu-esque blob creature with many tentacles and a giant mouth. In his sealed form, Aaroniero can only use the ability of one of the creatures he has absorbed, but when released his zanpakuto allows him to use all of them.


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