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    Ulquiorra Schiffer

    Character » appears in 12 games

    An Arrancar hollow and the 4th Espada. His resurreccion is Murcielago and his aspect of death is emptiness. He was the very first arrancar to be shown in the anime.

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    Ulquiorra Schiffer 4th Espada

    Ulquiorra's Hollow mask and hollow hole
    Ulquiorra's Hollow mask and hollow hole
     Ulquiorra Schiffer the 4th Espada in Sosuke Aizens army, Ulquiorra is a very sad looking character, he has pale skin, messy black hair and slit's in his pupils he also has Cyan lines descending from the bottom of his eyes. Ulquiorra wears the same colored and patterns clothes as the other Espada except for some differnet design styles, Ulquiorra's mask is located on the top of his head and looks as if it was once a crown of some kind his hollow hole is located on his neck. Ulquiorra is a very cold and depreesed character, showing no emotion or not caring for his comrades, besides seeming cold and mercyless he does not like to fight only doing so when ordered to or when in danger. 

    Powers and abilities


    Energy based attack that is released from the hand, power is ranked by color, red - green - purple.

    Instant replay

    This technique is used only by Ulquiorra, he is able to record events into his mind and by crushing his eye he can display this footage to others.


    The technique used by Espada to travel between dimensions.

    High-Speed Regeneration
    Regenerative ability of hollows. Most arrancar sacrifice this ability for more power.


    Murciélago (bat): its handle is green and the guard has two extensions that look to shape an eye.


    Creates two large black wings, his helmet centers on his head and sports two large horns. His uniform becomes more form-fitting, becoming more robe-like towards the bottom.

    Resurrección Segunda Etapa (Spanish for "resurrection second stage") (only Ulquiorra can use)
    He becomes covered in black fur, gaining a long thin tail. He creates an energy lance called Lanza del Relámpago that explodes when thrown. This weapon seems to be strong enough to even frighten Ulquiorra as he is wary of using it if his opponent is too close.

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