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Announced in Japan's Shonen JUMP in late 2010, Soul Resurrección is the first Bleach game for the PS3 and is based on the fourth Bleach movie titled Bleach: The Hell Verse. It is a hack and slash game that was officially released on June 23, 2011 in Japan and August 2, 2011 in North America. A demo was released on the Japanese PlayStation Store December 24, 2010. The game was developed by Racjin Co. and SCE Japan Studio, and was published in Japan by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The game was published in North America by NIS America, Inc.


Bleach: Soul Resurrección takes a page out of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and allows you to use some of your favorite Bleach characters to go through the story mode or missions that are included in the game. The story mode allows you to go through the anime's storyline starting from the entrance into Hueco Mundo right until the epic conclusion between Ichigo (the series' main character) and Aizen (the series' main antagonist). There are over 10 missions, each with their own set of dialogue and mission objectives. Also included in the game is a mission based mode in which you are able to play as any of the characters in the game and go through various different objectives. Also included is a competition mode called "Soul Attack." In this mode, you are able to compete with your friends locally to see who can score the most "Soul Points" (the in-game currency). This mode is played one person at a time.

Each character is voiced by their anime actor in both English and Japanese.

Every time you complete an activity in the game, you earn the in-game currency, "Soul Points" which are used to level up your character. Your character starts at level 1 and you must use the points to purchase orbs that will power up your character. Every orb you unlock increases your level. There is no limit to your level, it only stops once you unlock all the orbs. All the orbs are on a grid system. Each character has their own square (some characters such as Ichigo have a larger scale). Orbs for these squares usually consist of added health, spiritual pressure (another word for mana), defense, or additional powers ups. You may unlock support orbs, which give added boosts, such as added combo times or healing per strike. Once you complete your character's grid, you may pass to other grids. However, to unlock other grids, you must level up the respective character's level.

Here are some key components within the game's HUD:

  • Health - Your character's health.
  • Spiritual Pressure - A sort of Mana. You use your special attacks with this.
  • Ignition - Hitting enough enemies will allow you ignition to fill up. Once full, you can enter a powered mode, and allows you to use your most powerful attack.
  • Combo - The higher the combo, the faster your Ignition bar rises and the more Soul Points you get at the end of the mission.

Playable Characters

NameAttack Type / WeaponIgnition Power
Ichigo Kurosaki
includes : Bankai
Sword - MeleeFull powered Getshuga-tensho
Rukia KuchikiSword - MeleeThird Dance
Uryū IshidaSpiritual Pressure Sword - Melee
Quincy Star
Yoruichi ShihōinFists - MeleeShunpo
Byakuya KuchikiShikai - Zenbonzakura (Semi - Ranged)Bankai
Shunsui KyōrakuDual Swords _ MeleeShikai's Overpower
Tōshirō HitsugayaBankai - MeleeBankai's Ultimate Attack
Kenpachi ZarakiSword - MeleeKendo
Hollow IchigoSword - MeleeUltimate Cero
Coyote StarrkGuns - RangedCero Mertalita
Baraggan LouisenbairnAxe - MeleeRelease Form's Respira
Tia HarribelShark Hammer - MeleeRelease's Form's Ultimate Attack
Ulquiorra CiferClaws - MeleeLanza del Relámpago
Nnoitra Gilga6 Blades - MeleeUltimate Release Attack
Grimmjow JaegerjaquezClaws - MeleeDessgaron
Gin IchimaruSword - MeleeBankai
Sosuke AizenMultiple WeaponsUltimate Attack

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