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    Agassi Tennis Generation

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released 2002

    Agassi: Tennis Generation is a relatively simple tennis game developed by Aqua Pacific featuring 3 different game modes.

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    Agassi Tennis Generation is a tennis game developed by Aqua Pacific and published by DreamCatcher Interactive and Cryo Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 2, PC, and Game Boy Advance.

    The EU/UK GBA releases were titled Agassi Tennis Generation 2002.

    Gameplay (PS2)

    Game Modes

    Quick Play

    Quick play is the simplest mode in the game. The player can pick a level, number of players and bots, characters, and play. Up to four people may play.


    Arcade mode plays similarly to a fighting game. The player goes through a set number random matches until he/she beats everyone. Up to two people can play.


    The player plays through a set of random matches to earn "money" and trophies. However, both the money and trophies have no effect on the gameplay. Only one person can play.


    Courts from around the world are featured in Agassi. There are courts from the U.S., Russia, Canada, England, and more. The only difference between them (other than slightly different colors) are the types of courts, such as clay, grass, hard, and carpet.


    Agassi is infamous for it's glitches and unpolished gameplay among all that have seen it. Collision detection problems, sound bugs, graphic bugs, and unfinished or odd animations pop up frequently. The most common bugs are:

    • Players with no voices: Their mouths move after nearly every play, and yet no sound is used.
    • Random reactions: The characters occasionally use the wrong animations. Sometimes, a character appears distressed after he won a match, or excited after losing.
    • Strange animations: If the player lets the ball move past him without pressing a button, his/her character does a...suggestive animation.
    • Repeating sounds: The commentator can sometimes get stuck on a phrase such as: "Welcome to Russia!" or "Oh, no!".
    • Violent characters: The characters often hit the ball through each other without any control from the player when they're close enough.
    • Bullet-time effects: The game will sometimes randomly speed up and slow down, causing much confusion.
    • Bad calls: The referee will always call the ball out if it hits the line, breaking the official tennis rules.
    • Odd physics: Pressing the square button to hit the ball causes it to inexplicably float through the air at a slow pace. Also, the ball occasionally hits an invisible area right above the ground and floats up, causing the referee to call it out.
    • Unfinished cutscenes: Winning or losing a match triggers a cutscene. In this "cutscene" all characters line up at the net as if to shake hands. What really happens, however, is much different. The winning team violently and menacingly swing their rackets at the opposing players, and then freeze. The losing team animation only ever works with one player, so the other player gets ready to hit the ball as if the game was still playing. The camera will always zoom in on this player. If the mode is quick play, the winning team sprint sideways into the net. If the mode is tournament (assuming you win), the character raises his trophy for all to see, and then shoves his head through the net.

    Gameplay (GBA)

    Game Modes

    • Quick Match
    • Arcade
    • Championship
    • Multiplayer

    Selectable Players

    • Andre Agassi (USA)
    • Robert Baxter (Great Britain)
    • Jacques Monbiot (France)
    • David Beerbolm (Australia)
    • Gottfried Gruber (Germany)
    • Aldo Garbino (Italy)
    • Charles Cleeve (Great Britain)
    • Carlos Vicario (Spain)
    • Jack Jackson (USA)
    • Sebastien Foulard (France)

    Andre Agassi is the only real-life player in the game.

    Court Selection

    • UK
    • USA
    • France
    • Germany
    • Australia
    • Italy


    • If the player does not press any buttons, the game will play itself, only the A.I. won't hit the ball.
    • Quickly tapping any of the hit buttons at an incoming ball causes the player to rapidly repeat a running animation to the left or right. This has been nick-named "tap-dancing".
    • Andre Agassi is the only real person in this game. The rest are made up characters. Furthermore, most of the names of the characters seem oddly similar to the names of celebrities, as if the developers had taken two of their favorite people and mashed their names together. (i.e. Jimmy Diesal, Will Jackson).
    • Most of the characters names don't match up with their nationalities.
    • On Dreamcatcher's (the publisher) website, this game is not mention in their list of published games.
    • If playing in an indoor court, look up during the cutscenes. The developer didn't create a background, and it all appears black.
    • Check out the options menu. Go to sound options and then Commentator. The game will play all of the commentators phrases, even the ones that don't appear in the game. Some of the things he says don't make any gramatical sense. He'll also slur his words in a couple lines, leading some to believe the sound team didn't actually listen to what the actor was saying.

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