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    The "Dragon Land," from which Tamriel's greatest enemies and ancestors originate.

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    Akavir is one of four continents on the planet Nirn. Akavir is located east of the continent Tamriel, which all of the Elder Scrolls games take place on. None of the elven races have ever lived on Akavir, and any of the men who lived there were eaten. Akavir has very hostile relations with Tamriel, invading them several times while being invaded a few times by Tamriel themselves.


    The inhabitants of Akavir range from Monkey's with many arms to snow demons.

    Kamal: A region of ice and snow, often refereed to as "Snow Hell". The inhabitants here are demons that are usually frozen during the winter, but during the summer they thaw and invade other nations on Akavir.

    Tang Mo: A group of islands that encompass the homes of thousands of monkey type creatures. Tang Mo translates to "Thousand Monkey Isles." The breeds of monkeys that live here are normally not unified but in cases of emergency they are able to form armies very quickly. The monkeys that live here are described to be brave and kind.

    Tsaesci Warrior
    Tsaesci Warrior

    Tsaesci: Is inhabited by snake-men people. Similar to centaurs, they have a human upper body with a snake lower body. The snake people are believed to have eaten the men of Akavir long ago. They are also believed to be vampires, be very beautiful, and have golden scales.

    Ka Po'Tun: Similar to Elsweyer the inhabitants of this nation are cat-like men, except they are ruled by a tiger-dragon named Tosh Raka. They are the strongest nation on Akavir and are at constant war with the snake people of Tsaesci. The snake-men invaded Ka Po'Tun early on and enslaved or killed off the dragons in the region. The cats now try to transform themselves into dragons, but so far only Tosh Raka has accomplished this feat.


    Much of what is known of Akavir comes from books and stories written or told from the people of Tamriel, thus rendering much of the information as biased and inaccurate. The stories and books are filled with constant violence between the two continents with an invasion happening at-least once or twice an era, and the times there is no conflict it is believed that Akavir is having civil wars of their own. There has been no contact between Tamriel and Akavir since 3E 290 after Akavir took back the cities of Septimia and Ionith from Tamriel rule.


    The Akavir influenced the Tamriel continent in many ways. The military structure of the Imperial Legion is based off of the Akavir, and so was the legal and political systems of the Empire.

    It was and Akavir who first proposed what would later become known as the Fighters Guild.

    The Dragonguard were Akavir soldiers who served under the emperor to protect him. The Dragonguard later became the blades who based their armor and weapons off of the Akavir military.


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