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Alliance: The Silent War is a first person shooter developed by Windward Mark Interative. The game runs on WMI's own Alliance engine. The game's development is currently on hold, as WMI was a new studio and took a contract with Second Life developer Linden Labs to improve that game's graphics.


The game centers on several generations of soldiers, all members of a secret organization that infleunces world events during the 20th century.
Important locations include Russia during the 1917 revolution, 1950's Cuba, and Egypt during the 1973 Yom Kippour War.


The major feature of Alliance: The Silent War  is the WarStudio. The WarStudio is  essentially a database for the game's multitude of firearms. The WarStudio can be searched using a number of criteria. These include name, date of introduction, contury of origin, caliber, capacity, rate of fire, effective range, type of weapon, type of firing mechanism, type of sights, wether or not the weapon is supressed, barrel length, and weight. The player can only select weapons avaible to him at that moment in time or earlier.

The game's multiplayer was touted as having the ability to produce many "what if" scenarios. In interviews, the developers cited the example of a WWI-era Czech rifle company pitted against a six man fireteam of Navy SEALs from 1987. 

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