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    Amitie is the protagonist of Puyo Pop Fever and Puyo Puyo Fever 2. She is an innocent girl who wants to become a great sorceress.

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    Amitie is the protagonist of Puyo Pop Fever, where she searches for Ms. Accord's flying cane. She also appears as one of the three playable characters in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. Her rival is Raffine.

    Many of her spells are similar to previous protagonist Arle Nadja's. Amitie uses Flame, Blizzard, Lightning Bolt, Bayoeen, and Fairy Fair in Puyo Pop Fever; in 20th Anniversary, she uses Flame, Cyclo-Whirl, Aktina, Fairy Fair, and Bayoeen.


    • "Wicked!"
    • "All righty!"
    • "Solid!"
    • "Aww, phooey!"
    • "Ready, steady, go!"
    • "Watch me now!"
    • "Flame!"
    • "Goody, goody!"
    • "Blizzard!"
    • "You betcha'!"
    • "Lightning Bolt!"
    • "Fairy Fair!"
    • "Fiddlesticks!"
    • "Accelerate!"

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