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    This being from another dimension's sole purpose is to anhihilate the Hellbourne.

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    Andromeda's presence in Newerth is puzzling even to herself. She has no memory of how or why she is there or where she came from, she is simply driven by a desire to stomp out evil. The possibility exists that this being doesn't have the ability to retain any sort of memory and is not aware of it.  It's also unclear what "it's" true shape is or why it adopted the female form. Andromeda's body is literally an open window to another dimension, as you can see a whole different universe in her core, and her powers rely heavily on this link.


    Andromeda is a ranged agility hero fighting for the Legion.  She plays the roles of supporter, ganker and initiator.  Her Aurora and Dimensional link abilities, combined with lots of ward of sight purchases, account for the support part. Her low cooldown stun and ultimate make her perfect for ganking and making sure the enemies are caught by surprise.  A combination of Ultimate and Portal Key to escape will be very effective.



    She pulls a comet from another dimension and expels it at an enemy, stunning and damaging them.


    Andromeda destabilizes the atmosphere's magnetic properties, damaging and reducing the attack speed of all enemies caught under the Aurora.

    It also reduses armor on the enemies that is under the aurora

    Dimensional Link

    Andromeda imbues her allies' weapons with power from another dimension, causing them to do more damage with their attacks.

    Void Rip

    Identifying a crack in time and space, she uses it to instantly switch places with another hero.

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