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    One of the playable characters in Eternal Darkness. Anthony is a messenger of the Holy Roman Empire, trying to warn Emperor Charlemagne of a plot against his life. Voiced by Cam Clarke.

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    Anthony is a messenger of the Holy Roman Empire and one of the playable characters in Eternal Darkness:  Sanity's Requiem.  His chapter in the game begins with his receiving a scroll from a mysterious figure who warns him that the message is for Charlemagne's eyes only.  Loyal to Charlemagne and distrustful of the man that presented the scroll to him, Anthony opens the parchment and is immediately struck with a curse.  Aware that the curse was meant for his liege, he runs to warn Charlemagne of the plot brewing against him.
    Over the course of the stage, Anthony's body succumbs to the effects of the curse.  His healthy, young body slowly warps and rots, eventually bringing his gait to a shamble while sapping his strength.  By the time he arrives at Charlemagne's side, only to find that he is already dead, Anthony's body has become thoroughly rotted and he collapses in anguish.

    Later in the game, in Paul Luther's time period, the monk encounters Anthony, now a shambling member of the undead being used to guard a gem stone.  Still mournful of his inability to save his liege, Anthony continues to cry out Charlemagne's name in despair as he confronts Paul.  When Paul defeats Anthony, he says a prayer for the tragic messenger as he is finally allowed to rest in peace.

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