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    A roll of parchment or paper inscribed with writing, symbols, pictures, etc.

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    A scroll is a document written or drawn on parchment and then rolled into a tubular shape for transportation. The scroll may be tied in place with ribbon or string, or for more official or permanent documents it can be wrapped around a straight stick, that allows for easy re-rolling of the parchment. Scrolls may also be placed into hard scroll cases for long-term storage and protection from the environment.

    Scrolls In Games

    Scrolls in video games are often imbued with magical powers, and can enhance a character's abilities in special ways. This relationship of scrolls to magic and mysticism can be observed in pen-and-paper role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. In that game, scrolls are a way for wizards to write down magic spells for later activation. Scrolls in video games carry on that idea, such as with magic scrolls that grant a one-time casting of a magic spell. In some action games, scrolls are used as a commodity that fuels a character's special abilities; this is the case in The Legend of the Mystical Ninja where a player's supply of scrolls are expended to use special Jutsu attacks.


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