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Doesn't live up to the previous games, but if you can rope in a friend you mightn't care so much.

The Rad

  • Solid feel to the shooting.
  • Customizing your characters guns and masks is pretty fun.
  • Uses the old protagonists of the previous games in interesting ways.

The Bad

  • Feels a little stripped down from the previous game.
  • New main characters are totally devoid of personality.

I know I’d be one of the only, but I really liked the previous Army of Two games. They were nice, dumb fun and the last one at least attempted to do interesting things with the narrative and moral choices. Rather than iterate on that, they’ve stripped it out entirely and what you have is a totally linear shooter. 100% devoid of choices to make aside from “Do I wanna ride shotgun in the truck or man the gatling gun in the helicopter?”

It’s fortunate enough that the base gameplay is pretty good then.

The shooting feels just right and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in game with liberal blood splatter and limb amputations. The quality of these effects is questionable, but the quantity is there in spades.

After a successful gun fight you’ll no longer be pulling aside your co-op buddy for fist bumps and hi-fives. If that functionality is still there it’s hidden, cause they certainly weren’t up front about it like they were in previous games. In fact this time around it’s a whole lot less “bro-y”.

No fist bumps, no funny conversations. Pretty much zip.

The new guys are pretty much devoid of personality, which is a pity as that’s basically what made the previous two games more than generic shooters. Well that and the lack of moral choices or any sort of branching path, as I said beforehand.

I’m pretty sure I read something to the effect of these guys being largely blank slates for us to be able to put ourselves in their shoes that much easier. And I can appreciate when games do that. But I don’t feel like this one particularly benefits from it.

I feel like your enjoyment of this game, as with the previous two to a large degree - will hinge on whether or not you can find a buddy to play with. The shooting is solid for sure, but there are better shooters out there for a good singleplayer experience.

If you can rope a friend in though I reckon you’ll have a blast shooting your way through the cartel. I know I did.

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