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Not as amazing as advertised, but not outright terrible either. 0

Shattered Dimensions.Edge of Time.The Amazing Spider-Man.And now The Amazing Spider-Man 2.These are the games developed by Beenox since they became the go-to Spidey guys.None of them were truly great games, but at least the first two they got to stretch their legs a little creatively and do things you hadn't seen in a Spider-Man game before what with them capitalizing on the Spider-Men of multiple Spider-Man continuities.Then Spider-Man came back in movie form and so the games became tie-ins for...

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Best South Park game yet! Not that THAT says much, but really! It's great! 0

The RadCaptures the look of the show perfectly.Easy to grasp combat mechanics.Hilarity! If you like South Park.The BadA fair bit shorter than your average RPG.Censorship is a little bit of a bummer.I couldn’t give you a concise reason as to why, but in general I’m not that big on JRPGs. So when it turned out they were turning South Park into one I was weary. But coming out of it now I gotta say this is probably the best JRPG I’ve played in probably over a decade. To be fair I ...

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If you're after something to play on your shiny new Xbone I don't think you can do better than Dead Rising 3. 0

The RadImpressive amount of zombies.Tonnes of weapons and vehicles to maim said zombies with.Maintains series penchant for ridiculousness.The BadIt’s a bit too easy.That being said human enemies still take too long to kill.When it was revealed there was a fair amount of outcry over how grim and serious a tone the series was presenting but I can assure you this is still the same ol’ Dead Rising you know and (maybe) love.You still have your servbot heads and other assorted ridiculous c...

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More a visual showcase than game, but still quite fun regardless. 0

The RadVisually stunning.Solid combat mechanics.The BadMore linear than you might hope.So I got my Xbox One and Ryse was the first game I got going.I can’t say it held as much interest to me as say, Dead Rising 3, but of all the launch games this is the one that people say LOOKS next-gen.And boy does it.The visual fidelity is just mind boggling, there are times you’d swear you were looking at prerendered cut scenes if it weren't for the fact you had control.Does it play as good as it looks?Almos...

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GTA is back and in my opinion, better than ever. 0

The RadWell told story.Lots of stuff to do.Looks great, sounds great.The BadIsn’t as funny as it probably thinks it is.Mission waypoint issues. I’ve gotta admit, I wasn’t particularly sure about it.I mean I liked GTA IV but it wasn’t without issues.And I feel like Saints Row was scratching the open world, crime game itch just fine, at least until it went delightfully insane and became something else entirely.GTA V isn’t something else entirely.It feels like it was largely built upon the ideas p...

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Flawed eye candy.. 1

The RadOozes style. OOZES.Solid combat mechanics.Boss fights are pretty rad.The BadMostly nonsense plot.Aggressively bad camera angles.If I see Suda 51s name on anything I have a few expectations.I expect it to be a bit rough around the edges.I expect it to be more style than substance.But I expect to like the style so much that I forgive its shortcomings.And like prior Grasshopper Manufacture games the same is true here, albeit to a lesser extent. I dig the style. I dig the aesthetics. I dig t...

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Short and sweet. 0

The RadCool retro visuals.Rad, smooth jazz soundtrackChallenging puzzles.Funny writingThe BadUhm…. Uhhh…. It’s a little short, I guess?Gunpoint is a stealth puzzler that puts you in the high-tech trenchcoat of a spy tasked with infiltrating various buildings and stealing various files in a wittily written, noir-esque tale.I like stealth games! I totally SUCK at puzzle games.And Gunpoint is probably more the latter than the former.That being said whilst I found a lot of the levels rather challen...

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Shadowrun has returned and I just hope it stays. 0

The RadTurn based combat ala XCOM. Can’t get enough.Very story driven and for the most part it’s well written.Old School look and feel.Love the setting.Rad soundtrack!The BadOnly checkpoints. No hard saves.A little on the short side.I’m sadly rather inexperienced in the Shadowrun universe.It’s quite a pity seeing as though it’s a fusion of my two favorite genres - Cyberpunk and Fantasy. I’ve never been fortunate enough to play the Pen & Paper game on which it’s based. When I played the SNES...

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It slices, it dices, it makes average game tie ins. 0

The RadDoes a pretty good job at capturing Deadpools brand of humor.Serviceable melee combat.The BadGunplay not so fun.Game looks a bit like ass.Significant frame rate issues on the 360.I didn’t come into this thing expecting a game of the year candidate and we certainly aren’t getting one from it. I expected a lot of dumb-ass humor and serviceable gameplay and for the most part you get that.Except when you don’t.The humor is definitely the games strongpoint in my book but more than a lot of thi...

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As harrowing and brutal as it is fun. 0

The RadTop notch story with strong characters in an impressively fleshed out world.Brutal stealth combat with crafting mechanics that feed into it nicely.Interesting multiplayer that doesn’t feel totally tacked on.The BadNot one to spoil anything, but seeing how strong everything else was I felt the ending was a little bit weak.It’s a good thing I don’t really cover story in these reviews because this is one I feel really needs to be experienced. I’d say it were this years Walking Dead, not jus...

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The games title could be mistaken for a plea, but in spite of some issues there is some fun to be had. 0

The RadHas a cool premise.Nilin is a pretty likable protagonist.Cool art design.The BadCombat isn't a lot of fun.There's a lot of combat for how little fun it is.Camera is fairly dodgy.Doesn't utilize it's better ideas frequently enough.Frame rate issues.I'm gonna be honest.I struggled to finish this.Not that it was especially hard (though I found the final boss to be a bit of a pain).No. I was just finding the game to be mind numbingly medicore.I would play it in short chunks and before long f...

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Almost everyones dream zombie apocalypse survival simulation. 3

The RadEmphasis on survival beyond simply killing zombies.A wide open world to explore.Procedurally generated content offers some amount of replayability.The BadRather minor technical issues, framerate hitches etc.Difficulty isn’t adjustable.In large part people are tired of zombies as antagonists.And while personally I’m not, I could see why you would be.They’re everywhere. But I feel like their presence is more tolerable when the zombie apocalypse is used as a backdrop for the human drama that...

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The gameplay I loved in a setting I find more appealing? SOLD. 0

The RadSame great action-packed gameplay you know and love from Far Cry 3.Some genuinely funny writing.They do a good job of nailing the 80’s Sci-Fi/Action Movie vibe.Rad as hell soundtrackThe BadGames a little too dark in spots. Visually speaking, of course.Can’t reset Garrisons like you could the outposts in Far Cry 3 (After they patched it, anyway)This is gonna be a short one because when writing a review I tend to only really focus on the gameplay. It tends to be the least subjective part. ...

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A terrifically fun combat sandbox. 0

The RadA crafting system that’s actually pretty fun!The world’s incredibly open and full of a good variety of activities.The shooting is super satisfyingThe BadNo particularly likable characters.Co-op is a stripped down version of the full game.Better late than never I guess!Finally wrapped up Far Cry 3.I’ve still got a bunch of side activities to chip away at.But I’ve wrapped up the story line at least.And the narrative wasn’t particularly great, none of the characters particularly likable But...

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Doesn't live up to the previous games, but if you can rope in a friend you mightn't care so much. 0

The RadSolid feel to the shooting.Customizing your characters guns and masks is pretty fun.Uses the old protagonists of the previous games in interesting ways.The BadFeels a little stripped down from the previous game.New main characters are totally devoid of personality.I know I’d be one of the only, but I really liked the previous Army of Two games. They were nice, dumb fun and the last one at least attempted to do interesting things with the narrative and moral choices. Rather than iterate on...

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NetherRealm continues to bring it for the fighting game player who doesn't care much for multiplayer. 0

The RadAbundance of singleplayer content.Punchin’ dudes in super-heroically fashion is satisfying.Good online.The BadUnlockables are a bit on the weak side.Sometimes the visuals look a bit terrible. Just a bit.I find fighting games difficult to talk about.I enjoy them on the most basic level possible.I learn a couple of basic combos and some special moves.And when those don’t work I feel no shame in admitting that when I’m desperate I’ll mash it out and hope something rad happens.Fortunately Inj...

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Great narrative and world aside, Infinite does the one thing I wanted from a Bioshock game - be fun to play. 0

The RadExcellent narrative and atmosphere.Improved combat.Great visuals.The BadOccasionally poor frame rate.Checkpointing is a tad iffy in spots.I'm glad that story isn't really a thing I cover in my game reviews, because Bioshock Infinite's ending is making my head hurt. I'll just say as with the previous Bioshock games, the narrative and world are the main reasons to give it a gander.In previous Bioshocks though I don't feel like they backed that up with great gameplay. You can certainly find...

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A pretty good slice of action/adventure gaming and a great way to kick off the franchises reboot. 0

The RadGood balance of combat, puzzle solving and platforming.Good characterization, voice acting.Great visuals.The BadUnnecessary multiplayer.Open world and survival aspects severely downplayed.Tomb Raider is one of those franchises that I don’t have a lot of experience with. When I was a kid I played the first game, but never got anywhere. Of course I’ve seen the movies, but the only Tomb Raider game prior to now that I’d played to completion was Legends. And that was pretty good in it’s own r...

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Some interesting ideas brought down by the flawed game surrounding them. 0

The RadConceptually interesting interweaving of cooperative and competitive gameplay.The BadNot much in the way of objective variety.Dumb enemy AI.A myriad of other technical issues.I don’t really have any history with the Call of Juarez franchise.I know the previous two entries were Westerns.And this shares at least some aesthetic similarity in that regard.But they bring it to the modern era. Which I’m unsure about.I have to imagine that if you were a fan of the series one of the reasons why wo...

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I don't know what you're talking about, I thought it was pretty great. OH NO, OPINIONS. 0

The RadHandles narrative better than most games of its ilk.Satisfying gunplay.Excellent voice work by Nolan North.Awesome soundtrack. The BadDifficulty spikes to a frustrating degree around the midway point.Some visual roughness.People had said that Spec Ops: The Line was well worth playing for the interesting story and narrative touches, but that the gameplay left a lot to be desired. I feel like maybe folk were just expecting too much because I went in expecting a crappy shooter and got someth...

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The shooting is satisfying but the bells and whistles surrounding it could have used a little more polish. 0

The RadSolid shooting and handling.Robot enemys are fun to dismantle.French robotThe BadTrust system is compromised by dumb A.I. partner.Voice recognition fails more often than not.I don’t feel like there’s loads to say on Binary Domain.It’s a solid, cover based third person shooter.It’s mechanically sound and fun to play.It doesn’t weave the greatest tale ever told, but you’ll meet some interesting characters along the way. All giving you decent enough incentive to shoot some robots.Robots are ...

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I just wanted to shoot some Aliens and that's what I got. That being said there are better avenues for that. 0

The RadLots of good Aliens fan service.Handles decently enough.Co-op is fun!The BadNot a memorable character in the bunch.Aliens aren’t as threatening as they should be.Unevenly polished.Utterly crap competitive multiplayer offering.Hella short.I profess to not being a huge fan of the Alien franchise though that is born largely out of ignorance to it than any particular aversion. I saw and liked the first two movies. Didn’t see the other two. Saw Prometheus.And the Aliens versus Predator movies,...

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I loved the old games. I love this just slightly more. 0

The RadThough not without fault I still found the narrative to be engaging and enjoyed the different take on some classic characters.Less punishing then previous games in the series.Rad soundtrack.Simple but engaging gameplay.The BadWith maybe one exception the boss fights weren't anything to write home about.Trivial puzzles do little but slow the action to a grinding halt.Finicky platforming sections.I've never denied that I've traditionally sucked arse at this "character action" genre.I enjoy ...

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Anarchy Reigns, when you can find others to play with. 0

The RadSimple, yet satisfying brawlin' gameplay.Awesomely over the top characters.Kick-ass soundtrack.Bots in multiplayer.Great variety of multiplayer modes.The BadNo one is playing it.The campaign is too short.With people being so into the likes of Devil May Cry, God of War or indeed - PlatinumGames own MadWorld and Bayonetta - I've always thought it kind of odd that there hasn't been any notable attempts to bring multiplayer into the mix. Power Stone is about the closest comparison y...

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It's not exactly the Hitman you remember, but it's still good fun 1

It's been a while since the last Hitman game and since the outset people haven't had entirely high hopes for Absolution. A lot of the early promotional material made it look more like a shooter than the murder sandbox we know and love. And then there were sexy leather clad nuns parading about, which most thought kind of stupid and ill-fitting the tone of Hitman.On the former I've got to say that I believe for the most part Absolution succeeds in providing us with open ended death puzzles and isn...

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It might lack the flash of The Movies, but it's the better sim. 0

Before Peter Molyneux came along and showed us The Movies, if you wanted to try your hand at virtual film making you had to be a Hollywood Mogul. Now I will grant you that you don't actually MAKE movies in Hollywood Mogul. Not ones you can really watch. It's not that kind of game. But if you thought the simulation side of The Movies was lacking, then you should give Hollywood Mogul a whirl.In Hollywood Mogul you get given your own studio, you have a bunch of money to start and then you set out t...

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An appreciated change of scenery for the franchise. 0

I suppose in the interest of full disclosure I should note that at the time I've writing I've yet to finish the game.I'm reckoning I'm over the halfway point at least, but I don't feel it matters none.I'm not scoring the game on it's story. A great game can have a terrible story, a terrible game can have a great story or anything in between and thus far I feel like AC3 is somewhere in between.But again, it matters not. Because it's pretty fun to play.That being said though this is an A...

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Simple, brutal fun regardless of technical issues. 0

It's a good thing I don't really discuss nor rate games based on narrative, because if I were gonna do that then I'd not know what to make of Hotline Miami. I believe I get the gist of it, but there's a fair bit of vagueness A lot being open to interpretation.One thing quite clear however is that Hotline Miami is totally rad.You play a dude who wears rubber animal masks. And he kills people.Why it isn't immediately clear. You just go where the voice on the machine tells you to go and t...

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Don't dishonor yourself by passing this by. 0

In the lead up to release I feel like Dishonored had a lot of hype.It was heralded as being in essence, a steampunk Deus Ex and I'd say it lives up to that.You're doing a lot of the same things you'd do in Deus Ex.There are security systems to hack.Such things aren't as prevalent here, but there are deadly light barriers and electrified turrets of sorts that can be either disabled or turned against your enemies with the use of a hacking tool.And there are vents to traverse, though most...

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You got your Battlefield in my Mount & Blade. I'm okay with this. 0

So yeah. War of the Roses? Totally like Mount & Blade. But prettier. Which I guess is fine?It has essentially the same system of momentum based combat in which the damage you do is dictated by the speed at which you swing your weapon, which is increased or decreased by things such as whether or not your moving and your relative position to the guy you're hacking at.You can swing your weapon in many directions attempting to slice a dude up.The dude in question can easily block these attacks w...

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It's another Dead or Alive. You know what you're in for. 0

With little exception I'm not good at fighting games. At all.I'm just not good at memorizing commands and when I can memorize them I'm not necessarily able to input them accurately or quickly enough to make good use of them within the actual game.I'm the kinda guy that actually will play a fighting game for the story, daft as that might seem.And DOA 5 does the Mortal Kombat thing of having it's storymode be comprised of in-engine cutscenes that either advance the games plot or provide a reason h...

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It'd be a true crime to ignore Sleeping Dogs! Uh... Sorry. 0

Sleeping dogs puts you in the shoes of Wei Shen, a police officer tasked with infiltrating a Triad cell and bringing it down in the neon-washed streets of Hong Kong. In traditional urban open-world game fashion this involves a lot of driving and shooting!And also a fair bit of kung fu.Whilst melee fighting options tend to be secondary in this brand of game the hand-to-hand combat of Sleeping Dogs is at the forefront. And whilst there is plenty of shooting, the vast majority of your confrontation...

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The Pretty-Okay Spider-Man 1

Another year, another Spider-Man game.Though this is the first since 2007's Spider-Man 3 to be tied a movie.And the first since 2008's Web of Shadows to be open-world.And whilst I enjoyed Shattered Dimensions (Gave Web of Time a pass) I'm glad to return to this format.Spider-Man games shine when they provide large, open environments in which to swing about in.And swinging about Manhattan is probably the most fun thing to do in this game.Which makes it a little weird that the open-world serves as...

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Violating guys with tentacles has never been so fun! Uhh... 0

I tried playing The Darkness 1 in the lead-up to The Darkness 2 and I have no other way to say it other than it felt it's age. It didn't feel like a great game by modern standards, though I certainly recall enjoying what I played of it back in the day. But going back to finish it up so many years later it just didn't really click. I wanted to stay for the story stuff, which holds up well even now - but the gameplay didn't click and I dropped it.  Fortunately as you load up The Darkness 2 it'll a...

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A bit too brief, but a nice but of dumb fun whilst it lasts. 0

Lollipop Chainsaw is a pretty simple game in most respects. It utilizes rather simplistic mechanics, it's humour often stoops to lowest common denominator and one could argue the games sexy, zombie-slaughtering lead character is just pandering as all get out. And I for one am all for it. Not every game needs be complex, needs to be clever, needs to portray characters in a realistic fashion. Lollipop Chainsaw revels in fantasy and ridiculousness and that's what will keep you rapt from start to ad...

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If you like punching guys in the face, you could do worse. 0

Continuing a trend of mediocre, Sega published, Marvel movie tie-ins is Captain America: Super Soldier. The game puts you in the boots of the star spangled super soldier as he attempts to thwart the plans of nefarious Nazis  Hydra! This naturally involves a lot of punching dudes in the fact. And if this game does anything well it's punching dudes in the face. Yes the game owes a lot to Arkham Asylum for it's combat system. It's more or less the same, albeit perhaps with less focus on rhythm. Re...

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An incredibly satisfying shooter experience. 0

It's been some time since the last Max Payne game and the franchise has since swapped hands, going from the folks at Remedy over to Rockstar. I know more diehard fans of the series have had concerns about what Rockstar has done with the game, but as a more casual Payne enthusiast I've got to say they've made what I feel is a spectacular action game. Rockstar has something of a tradition of poor quality gunplay in their games, which I think they started to fix when they did Red Dead Redemption bu...

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A bit rough around the edges, but there's fun to be had here. 0

Saw the game puts you in the boots of Detective Tapp, played by Danny Glover in the films but looking decidedly un-Danny Glover here. It takes place after the first flick in which he is shot, but here is patched up by Jigsaw and put through a gauntlet of deadly trials. The game revolves largely around exploration and puzzle solving, with a little bit of combat thrown in there to keep you on your toes. You'll explore the asylum looking for clues and so forth as you hunt down Jigsaw and free other...

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A rad game, regardless of your feelings on the ending. 0

Will say right off the bat that I'm not going to cover story beats here. I will say that overall I enjoyed the narrative of Mass Effect 3.I will admit that I didn't get the ending I might've hoped for, but that doesn't mean it was BAD.And so much cool stuff happened along the way, there were so many neat little character moments, fan service-y call backs and whatnot that I find it hard to get too peeved about the last ten minutes.  Mass Effect 3 continues to streamline the series for easier acc...

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Certainly worth seeing, not sure if it's worth playing. 0

I played the demo for Asura's Wrath and while I can appreciate the spectacle, I found it entirely too... QTE heavy. There was no way I was going to buy this. So I guess it's somewhat fortunate that my bro had more interest in it than I and picked it up for himself. With nothing else on my agenda I figured I'd give it a whirl.And the full game is still entirely too QTE heavy.Frankly I wish the QTE's weren't there at all, because I enjoyed watching it well enough.I just didn't enjoy having to mash...

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