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NetherRealm continues to bring it for the fighting game player who doesn't care much for multiplayer.

The Rad

  • Abundance of singleplayer content.
  • Punchin’ dudes in super-heroically fashion is satisfying.
  • Good online.

The Bad

  • Unlockables are a bit on the weak side.
  • Sometimes the visuals look a bit terrible. Just a bit.
  • I find fighting games difficult to talk about.

I enjoy them on the most basic level possible.

I learn a couple of basic combos and some special moves.

And when those don’t work I feel no shame in admitting that when I’m desperate I’ll mash it out and hope something rad happens.

Fortunately Injustice does a pretty good job at introducing you to its mechanics. I still don’t feel like I’ve got a handle on much more than the basics, but you won’t need much more than that to progress through the games story mode.

NetherRealm Studios knocked the story stuff well out of the park in Mortal Kombat 9 and continue to prove themselves adept at telling a decent fighting game story here. It’s arguably less interesting, but it does decent enough job at giving all the heroes a reason to give each other a good wallop.

As well as the story mode they have your traditional, Arcade ladder setup to playthrough wherein each of the characters get their own endings told via static images and kind of crappy voice over. You can also unlock variations on the ladder that impose different rule sets and conditions. For instance you might be slowly losing health or you might have to beat the opponents in under 30 seconds. It’s a good way to shake things up.

There’s also Star Labs missions, which take the place of the Challenge Tower from the MK game and give you a myriad of increasingly difficult tasks to complete. This seems like it’ll be where actually having a firm grasp on the games mechanics will prove especially vital in at least some of the later challenges.

And of course there’s online multiplayer, which I’ve only dabbled in enough to see that it works pretty well if you connect with the right people. I’ve always been a local kinda guy when it comes to fighting games though, so not much more to say than that.

It’s a rad game! About superheroes punching each other!

It’s worth a look.

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