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The gameplay I loved in a setting I find more appealing? SOLD.

The Rad

  • Same great action-packed gameplay you know and love from Far Cry 3.
  • Some genuinely funny writing.
  • They do a good job of nailing the 80’s Sci-Fi/Action Movie vibe.
  • Rad as hell soundtrack

The Bad

  • Games a little too dark in spots. Visually speaking, of course.
  • Can’t reset Garrisons like you could the outposts in Far Cry 3 (After they patched it, anyway)

This is gonna be a short one because when writing a review I tend to only really focus on the gameplay. It tends to be the least subjective part. And I just wrote a review for the original Far Cry 3 naught but a few days ago, which I’d advise you to read for the full picture.

I ain’t gonna copy and paste it or link it.

There are some small differences.

For instance unlike Jason Brody, Rex “Power” Colt has the ability to fall from any height and not DIE being a Cyber-Commando and all. It’s a pretty nifty ability to have. Which is good! Because I feel like in the original Far Cry 3 most of my deaths came from misjudging my jumps or accidental ground collisions with the wing suit.

But by and large it plays exactly the same and honestly?

I’m cool with that. Far Cry 3 is probably one of my favorite shooters, transplanting that gameplay into a setting I personally find more appealing is a grand idea in my book.

Obviously being a downloadable title it doesn’t have quite the same scale as the original Far Cry 3. The islands smaller and less vertical. There isn’t as much content to play through. Finishing the main story line doing only a smattering of the side stuff took my maybe six hours and then not much longer to wrap up the rest of the side missions.

Like the original Far Cry 3 you can buy maps to point you in the direction of the games collectibles, which thankfully aren’t as plentiful as they were beforehand. With a map handy you’ll get through them in no time flat.

There are also hunting missions.

Sometimes you hunt specific enemy officers, but there are also mutant boars and cyber-sharks and other ridiculously awesome animals to hunt. And of course the games titular Blood Dragons.

They have these missions where you save scientists from captivity, which approximate the missions from Far Cry 3 where you’d kill an enemy officer with a knife.

They ask you to be stealthy so you can get the scientist before they’re killed, but it’s easy enough to charge in and lay waste to everything before they so much as lay a finger on them regardless of how quiet you are.

Being stealthy is fun but as ever Far Cry allows you to approach a situation pretty much however you want.

And for as funny as this game is, for as much as I dig the atmosphere and the referential humor and the sheer over-the-top ridiculousness of it all - I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much if it weren’t wrapped around Far Cry 3’s awesome gameplay.

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