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Alpha Protocol Dated For October 6

Obsidian's "espionage RPG" finally gets a hard release date, along with box art and a new video.

Somebody at Sega pulled the big shiny lever marked "Release Alpha Protocol News!" today, repeatedly. First up, the game's release date: October 6. That covers releases on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The game's been delayed pretty heavily, but then, what we saw of it at E3 looked like Obsidian has been spending the extra time polishing the game up, so maybe that's for the best.

Next up, the latest developer diary for the game, going into more detail about Michael Thorton's most dangerous mission.



Lastly, the box art! Obsidian informs us the official title is still just Alpha Protocol, with the "Espionage RPG" business constituting a tagline, not a subtitle. In case you were wondering!

Who among you is sold on Alpha Protocol already? It sounds ambitious to me, but I'm in kind of a wait-and-see mode before I get too hyped for it.
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