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E3 2018: What's Going On

We're off to Los Angeles!

Hey everyone! E3 is almost upon us (some say it might have even begun already), and I wanted to give you a quick rundown of what we’ll be putting on the site this week. You can also check out Marino's blog for more info about forum posts and making new wiki pages during the show!

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Friday: The Prelude

Friday: Jeff will be livestreaming his drive down to L.A. in the chat, and Marino will also start posting up trailers as they start to hit. The biggest games will be featured up at the top of the page, but you can also head here or scroll down to the trailer module at the bottom of the home page if you want to see everything that goes up. This is a travel and setup day for most of us, but we’ll probably be tweeting and I’ll try to throw some stuff up over on our Instagram page over the course of the day, and I'm sure there'll be some millenials contributing to IG as the week proceeds. Needless to say, there won't be a UPF on Friday!

Saturday-Tuesday: Press Conferences!

As per usual, we’ll be talking over the press conferences that are now spread across the entire weekend before the show actually opens. The fun starts Saturday morning and will roll through Tuesday morning. All of the times here are Pacific! Keep in mind we’ll start streaming around fifteen minutes before each of these press conferences begin, though, so tune in early.

EA Play 2018Saturday, June 911:00 AM PDTYour Local Time
Xbox E3 2018 BriefingSunday, June 101:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
The Bethesda E3 ShowcaseSunday, June 106:30 PM PDTYour Local Time
Square Enix E3 ShowcaseMonday, June 1110:00 AM PDTYour Local Time
Ubisoft E3 Media Briefing 2018Monday, June 111:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
PlayStation E3 2018 ShowcaseMonday, June 116:00 PM PDTYour Local Time
Nintendo Direct: E3 2018Tuesday, June 129:00 AM PDTYour Local Time

Tuesday - Thursday: Giant Bomb At Nite

Everyone’s going to be on the show floor for most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but we’ll be ramping up our usual nightly shows around 6 PM Pacific each night. (This time may vary, so tune in early!) We’ve got an exciting set of guests who’ll be swinging by to talk about E3 and everything else gaming-related, so swing by the chatroom and hang out.

We’ll be keeping the chat open 24/7 during the week and will be embedding the GameSpot daily show during the day, so feel free to swing by anytime to discuss the latest goings-on. We’ll also be streaming to YouTube and Mixer if you feel like hopping over there. Giant Bomb Infinite will continue to stream for Premium members during E3.

After Thursday night's show we will pack up the set and get it back on the road to SF! No UPF next week either as we'll all be in transit. If you have any questions feel free to throw them in the comments but I am about to hit a plane so I won't be able to get to any of them until tonight.