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Free Online For Select Xbox Live Arcade Games

You Xbox Live Silver kids can get some free online going this month... but only in a handful of Xbox Live Arcade games.

Xbox Live Silver members--those are the guys that don't pay Microsoft's fees for full Gold status that I would call "goldbrickers" if that wasn't so confusing--have free access to multiplayer in eight games. This is Microsoft's new "Friendship is Free" program. Don't worry, though, I'm sure they have a team of skunkworks engineers working very hard on a way to charge for friendship.

Here are the eight games that freeloaders can get into for the rest of December:

So, that's a decent variety that covers a few genres. And Aegis Wing is free, so anyone can get in on that. But also, most of these games have a pretty hefty multiplayer component. So I can't help but think that anyone who isn't already a Gold member wouldn't have bought many of these in the first place.

I'm sure that Microsoft has a series of charts and graphs hidden in a back office somewhere that would prove me wrong. It's probably on the same whiteboard as the initial plans for a "Friendship is Available For A Small Fee" program.
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