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Let's Have A Link Parade: March 4

Longtime game journalist breaks camp, Capcom Talks PC, New Final Fantasy Anime, Guerrilla Thinks About Killzone 2 controls, and more!

If you want to stay up to date on things, you're going to need to move fast. Or you're going to need to spend most of your time sifting through the Internet's dark corners, where even your Google Alerts can't reach.

Or you could just realize that you only care about the top level stuff. If that's the case, here are some things you might want to know.

Activision's been doing some talking to Bloomberg about what it plans to do with its $3 billion in cash. No, it's not going to blow it all at the horse track. No, it's not going to use it to buy me ice cream, either. Activision's looking at the recession-powered valuation drops and seeing opportunities to perhaps acquire some other companies.
“The combination of Activision holding a fair amount of cash and presumably prices being depressed, not only for publicly traded companies, but also likely for new intellectual property licensing rights, should certainly create opportunities,” Mike Griffith said yesterday in an interview in San Francisco.
...hey, I hear Midway might have a couple of things they want to sell. Think Activision could end up with Mortal Kombat in its sizable stable? Activision never really seemed like a fighting game kind of company to me, but MK's a big franchise, and we all know how much Activision loves franchises. An annual fighting game installment would probably burn out the market...  so they'd have to put it on a Call of Duty two-year cycle with the core fighting team doing a game every two years with some sort of Shaolin Monks-like offshoot to run in the off years. OK, now I'm just speculating on top of speculating. Let's move on.

J'Gai Allard, relaxing at home.
J'Gai Allard, relaxing at home.
Newsweek's N'Gai Croal will, as of this Friday, be N'Gai Croal's N'Gai Croal. He's getting out of the game journalism biz to pursue a career as a consultant. Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander has an interview with Croal in which he talks about what he hopes his new role will entail and reflects upon his past work. This might be a spoiler, but the article he cites as one of his favorites happens to be one of my favorite Croal pieces, as well! Either way, we congratulate Croal on his escape.

I distinctly remember seeing N'Gai's exclusive Killzone 2 hands-on coming out shortly after E3 2007 and thinking about how crazy it was that the enthusiast media, with all its emphasis on securing exclusives at any cost, was suddenly competing with the mainstream media for yet another style of content. Though it didn't lead to screenshots of games showing up on the front page of the New York Times or anything like that, it was definitely a moment that made me feel like the mainstream acceptance of gaming (and games coverage) was on the rise.

If you have something to say about Killzone 2's control, say it to their face.
If you have something to say about Killzone 2's control, say it to their face.
Speaking of Killzone 2, Seb Downie of Guerrilla Games dropped in on Sony's message boards to state that they're investigating all the whining that people are doing about KZ2's controls. My response probably would have been a bit more like "you are all soft." I mean, hey, I like Call of Duty 4's control scheme, but that doesn't mean that every single first-person shooter needs to play exactly like that.

QuakeCon registration opens on Friday at 6:30PM Pacific time. The actual thing itself goes down in mid-August.

MCV reports that Square Enix and Eidos have agreed to buyout terms. Shareholders are expected to approve this month and the deal should close by May 6. Do you think that the Eidos name will live on as a brand once this goes through? Seems like they might not need to say Eidos when they can just say "Square Enix."

Capcom's Christian Svensson spoke with Rock Paper Shotgun about PC gaming and how important digital distribution is for games on that platform. While I don't mind going to stores for console games, buying physical PC games just seems totally backwards to me these days. I can't quite express why I feel that way. Might just be an unhealthy love of Steam (which is weird in its own way since I'm not exactly a huge fan of Valve's games, either).

Anime Vice has a bit up about a new Final Fantasy VII OVA. Then I had to go look up "OVA" to remember exactly what it means. It means "animated movie," I think. It's going to be called Final Fantasy VII: Episode Denzel: On the Way to a Smile. In it, Denzel enters a virtual world and fights Cid 6.7, who isobviously played by Russell Crowe. Man, they should just make a Virtuosity anime instead.

And this video that Legend posted in the forums is kind of the greatest thing ever made as of 12:40PM on March 4.


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Avatar image for mkhavoc
Posted By MKHavoc

I guess I should have read this earlier, the video's been taken down.

Avatar image for thefrostedgamer
Edited By TheFrostedGamer

Perhaps I'm not understanding the situation fully but, I don't really think it's people being "soft" by calling out Killzone 2 on its control scheme. Obviously it was were only a small pocket of people with an issue, representatives of the game wouldn't go as far as to investigate, would they? And let's face it: with any game that has had the hype train of Killzone 2, and reviewers like Jeff giving it a 5/5 (meaning he would recommend it without reservation), I would think people purchasing this game are holding KZ2 to a high standard. Ironic that Call of Duty: World at War received 4/5 stars meaning that Jeff *had* reservations in recommending it (even though COD5 has ridiculous amounts of replay value between SP Campaign, Coop Campaign, Nazi Zombie, and Multiplayer).  But I'm going to stop beating that dead horse - you know I love you Jeff *wink*.

Quakecon and Final Fantasy...hmm..seeing as its not 1997 I have no comment on either.

Crazy video at the end of this article, nice work whoever that guy was that made it.

Avatar image for crono
Posted By Crono

That video was fucking intense.

Avatar image for jediautobot
Posted By JediAutobot

Hey, where's the Legend of Zelda info! ;)

Avatar image for f1
Posted By F1

I had to watch that video in 30 second intervals, taking a minute break between each.
And I don't know what the big deal is about K2's controls. It plays fine for me. It's not like they mapped "move" to the right stick...

Avatar image for meatsim
Posted By MeatSim

That was insane man, insane!!!!

Avatar image for electrichaggis
Posted By ElectricHaggis

Wow, that video was intense.
Activision buying the rights to MK does not seem that unlikely.

Avatar image for andheez
Posted By Andheez

Totally agree they should have allowed mapping controls in KZ2, I couldn't find one control setting that works for me.  Its as if they were afraid to be too much like cod4.  I can't stand using the stick to zoom, and it just seems odd to use the 1 buttons instead of 2's to fire and zoom, why add the trigger if thats going to throw grenades?  I basically am down to using 2 control styles, one in single player, 1 in multiplayer, because the crouch/cover is so important in the single player and an afterthought in the multiplayer, its obnoxious.

Avatar image for andheez
Posted By Andheez

BTW, well put calling it kinda the greatest thing ever.  Where do they get all that stuff?  Im pretty sure when the 2 dudes "fusion" around the 8min mark, at one point they become Krang (the brain guy with flagella) from TMNT, anyone?

Avatar image for chummy8
Posted By Chummy8

I have no idea what is going on in that video and I love it.

Avatar image for _phara0h_
Posted By _Phara0h_

Don't watch the vid till the end if you are epileptic!!!

Avatar image for thiago
Edited By thiago

Yes, this Killzone control controversy is ridiculous. I usually play FPSes on the PC and you don`t see PC players whining because this game plays different than Quake. Why are console players so close-minded?

The layout is just a matter of getting used to, and so is the weight of the weapon. The movement is not linear, there's inertia and it accelerates depending on how you press the analog stick.

Patching it up to change the movement of the weapon would completely destroy the balance in the multiplayer, because some players would be using the default configuration and some would be playing a Quake-like control where they can turn 270 deegres, give a headshot and stab someone else in 2 seconds. If Guerrilla does change it I swear that I will never buy anything from them again. I don't want to have my multiplayer experience ruined because of a few CoD-tards who refuse to learn new controls.

Avatar image for zerocast
Posted By ZeroCast

I think Video Games just came alive.

Avatar image for phetz
Posted By Phetz

Regarding the video posted by the right honorable user, Legend:


Avatar image for scarabus
Posted By Scarabus

Long cat spotted.

Avatar image for kyle
Posted By Kyle

I think Kings of Power 4 billion% just killed at least half of my brain.......

Avatar image for mrredwine
Posted By MrRedwine

So that video is the new game the Behemoth are working on, right?

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun
Posted By parrot_of_adun

I don't see what the problem is with console developers and controls. They should all bit more like Gearbox.

It's my opinion that any game that doesn't allow the user to completely remap controls to their liking is worse for it. And that unfortunately includes most console games...

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