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Mass Effect 2's Stolen Memory DLC Available Nowish

Interstellar cat burglar ready to join Shepard's galactic wrecking crew for a nominal fee.

BioWare posted an update on their Mass Effect 2 site yesterday, stating that "tomorrow"--which if my math is correct should at this point mean "today"--you'll be seeing the availability of Stolen Memory, the first substantive paid DLC for the game so far. The pack is out on the same platforms as the original game, 360 and PC.
Near as I can tell, the 560 MS points ($7) asking price gets you the shady con artist/cat burglar Kasumi Goto for your squad, as well as a new custom mission to play through in order to ensure her loyalty. But don't take my word for it; watch this video to get a glimpse of what's in there.  

I can't say I'm quite ready to go back to Mass Effect 2 just yet. A new squad member would be pretty slick if I were still plowing through the main game, but once you've done just about everything there is to do, new crew members aren't good for much. But I figure Kasumi might just make an appearance in my eventual Insanity playthrough, right before Mass Effect 3 rolls around (whenever that is).
Who's in for this one now?
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