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Sony GDC: More on Move

The PlayStation Move will be out later this year and will sell for under 100 bucks. Also, Sony's answer to Wii Sports revealed!

Peter Dille
Peter Dille
Here's more from Sony's GDC press conference.

Peter Dille, Sony's senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network, took to the stage second at the company's GDC press conference to cover some details on Sony's upcoming motion controller, PlayStation Move.

The Move will be released in multiple configurations.

  • Controller-only for users that already own a PlayStation Eye
  • PlayStation Move Starter Kit: A PS Eye, a controller, and a game.
  • PlayStation 3 Bundle: All of above, plus a PS3.

The starter kit is going to sell for under $100. A "PlayStation Move Sub-Controller" will also be available. SOCOM 4 will work with this add-on controller. It's... you know... a Nunchuk.  
Dille then introduced Scott Rodhe, VP of product development at Sony's Worldwide Studios to discuss specifics. They first showed a game called Sports Champions, which sounds like a minigame compiliation, as they went on to show a sub-mode called Gladiator Duel. This showed a sword-and-shield gladiator battle that takes place from a behind-the-back perspective. This uses two motion controllers at the same time.

Sports Champions, which is looking more and more like Sony's answer to Wii Sports, also has a table tennis game. It's hard to get a good feel for it from the video feed, but it appears to be pretty natural.

Move Party is another minigame collection, but it looks a lot more like the EyeToy games of old by showing a video feed of the player on-screen. But instead of just flipping out with your body to play the games, it'll track the Move controller for painting, fly-swatting, haircutting, and the like.

LittleBigPlanet will receive an update that adds Move controller support to the game. The demo shown is a two-player mode, but instead of two sack people, one player uses the Motion controller to grab and manipulate specific materials to create bridges and solve puzzles. EyePet will also be available in some form of Move-enabled state this holiday season. 
Motion Fighters is a bare-knuckle, one-on-one fighting game that reads two Move controllers as you beat the crap out of another guy from a behind-the-back perspective. Spinning backfists, uppercuts, headlocks, and other moves are all possible. Looks like a workout.    
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