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Thank the Elder Gods: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Arrives Late Summer for $9.99

Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Oh, hell yes.

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It'll be a good day to die online this summer, when Warner Bros. delivers the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC. It's a collection in the truest sense, too, bundling Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

The best part? It's only $9.99.

No, wait, the bestest part? All three will feature online play and leaderboards.

Yes, that's a tear running down my face.

== TEASER == Granted, some of you may have already downloaded previous updates of some of these titles, as UMK3 once had a stand-alone downloadable version exclusively available on Xbox Live, and MK II was available on PSN. However, both those titles were removed from their respective stores when Warner Bros. purchased the rights to the Mortal Kombat brand from Midway, so if you know what's good for you, you'll just forget you ever bought either of those versions and smile and nod to this announcement as if it were the first time any of these games were made available via a digital distribution network. Otherwise, Warner Bros. will cut you. Deep.

In celebration of this new kollection of fighters, PDP has designed a special version of their Mortal Kombat Fight Stick with a new button layout keyed to the design of the old games. The stick will be sold exclusively through GameStop, and retail for $129.99. Those who pre-order the sticks will receive a download code for the game when it releases.

While Mortal Kombat was, for all intents and purposes, the first three MK games smooshed together into one awesomely revamped package--certainly a far better effort than Mortal Kombat Trilogy was--one cannot help but be super excited by the notion playing all three of these arcade klassics online for a fairly low price. What say you, MK fans? You looking forward to a constant state of confusion as you feebly try to recall what fatality goes with which version of Sub-Zero?

(Alex Navarro also contributed to this story, because Patrick totally ganked it out from under him like a dirty ganker of Mortal Kombat stories. That sonuva...)

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Posted By PKHilson


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Posted By paulithon

.........................................hell yes

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Posted By the_hiro_abides
@phrosnite said:
" Mortal Kombat link leads to MK9 and not the original MK... "
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Posted By alex
@Metal_Mills: Press release says UMK3.
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Edited By crusader8463

Holy fuck muffins! PC? This could be really interesting. Here's hoping the guys actually look at that version, because I'm curious to see how it holds up online.

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Posted By JEC03

That's pretty cool that there coming to PC but I played them all  to death on Mame already I might  still get this though but I really hope they release the new MK on PC sometime.

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Posted By Metal_Mills
@alex said:
" @Metal_Mills: Press release says UMK3. "
Damn you're fast! haha. Yeah, I misread it is UMK3.
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Posted By phrosnite
@AuthenticM said:
" Why didn't they name it Arkade Kollektion. ? "
Because they only put Ks on words that begin with C. They don't put Ks everywhere...
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Posted By craigbo180

HYPE. Day one purchase.

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Posted By Kyle

No Trilogy, no sale! :D

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Posted By BD_Mr_Bubbles

Will buy.
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Posted By advent_crash

This almost made me cry! Thank god its true!

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Posted By Slaker117

I don't even have memories of these games, but will totally buy this. I'm loving the current game and the price is too good not to.

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Posted By DarthB

Can't Wait!!  The original MK (along with NHLPA 93) was the first thing I bought for the genesis back in the day.  The blood code blew my small child mind.

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Posted By ocdog45

This is fucking tight

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Posted By Raakill
@phrosnite said:
" AND PC!!!! AND PC!!! AND PC!!! aaaaaaAAAAAAAaAaaAaAAa!!!!!!!!!!11 "
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Posted By JJOR64


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Posted By myghart

I have mixed feelings about them not spelling 'arcade' with a K.

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Posted By sameeeeam
Get hype!
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Posted By Ratfoot

Wish they had gone through with the version that used entirely new actors in HD.

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Posted By MideonNViscera

So tempted to order that damn stick even though I know I'll regret it.

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Posted By TheHBK

Dial A Combos!!!! Online!!!! Hells yeah.

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Posted By Landon

Don't much care for those original MK games, but it's cool they are doing this for the people who want it.

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"The Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection for Xbox Live Arcade,PlayStation Network" 
Oh nice.

"and PC"
Oh man super sweet! (hopefully on steam)

The best part? It's only $9.99.

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Posted By dbz1995
@phrosnite said:
" @AuthenticM said:
" Why didn't they name it Arkade Kollektion. ? "
Because they only put Ks on words that begin with C. They don't put Ks everywhere... "
Not exactly true. The Nekropolis is in Mortal Kombat. They seem to just put Ks when they fancy.
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Posted By Gregomasta
@hematurge said:
" @phrosnite said:
" AND PC!!!! AND PC!!! AND PC!!! aaaaaaAAAAAAAaAaaAaAAa!!!!!!!!!!11 "
This. "

Could this be a test for PC users from WB? 
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Posted By FesteringNeon

I have may versions.. but cannot pass this up. It's too good to be true. Also, thank you (I feel dumb for praising logical thinking)  for not taking the nickel and dime approach with a 12.99 or 14.99 sleaze move. :) Can't wait! I'm playing the Midway treasures on my psp as I type this!

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Posted By Peewi

I've never played an MK game, but I could see myself getting this if it really does come to PC.
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Posted By Guyzea

This news article performed a Babality on me, I cried when I read it.

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Posted By MeatSim

Don't cut me Warner Brothers!

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Posted By fox01313

Sweet, I've got MK 1 from the Deception kollectors edition on the xbox but this is a great sign that Ed Boon & the rest got more control on the back catalogue & at least see more MK goodness.

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Posted By Alphazero

Patrick Klepek wins. Gank-ality.

Very excited. I keep meaning to play other games, but I just keep on with Mortal Kombat.
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Posted By Sanj

Looking forward to yet another quicklook/live stream of Brad and Jeff playing old MK games.

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Posted By Sergotron

This I believe is a good thing.

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Please don't fuck up the netcode.
 Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.
Please don't fuck up the netcode.               

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Posted By Delusibeta


Would there be cross-platform play? Although that would almost inevitably mean saddling the PC version with GfWL, if they follow through it would be the first big experiment in cross platform fighting games (after Blazblue CT PC wound up with a limited release a few weeks before Continuum Shift released on consoles).

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Posted By DrPockets000

I laughed at the post script, because as I was reading I was thinking, "This totally reads like a Navarro joint".

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Posted By skrutop

After playing MK9, I have zero interest in going back and playing 1, 2, or 3.

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Posted By CornishRocker

Stoked for some more Kombat.

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Posted By Dyselon

Any word on rollback/GGPO style netplay? 

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Posted By Zippedbinders

I'm pretty certain I bought MK2 on PSN last summer, well after Midway went belly up and Warner Bros. moved in. I can't really check now, for obvious reasons, but MK2 was on the PSN last I checked, Sony themselves had a hand in putting that up.

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Posted By alex
@Zippedbinders: I went and looked on the PSN store page--which still has listings for all active games, despite the network being down--and the MK II page just leads to a broken link. It's also no longer listed under available fighting games. I guess we'll know for sure when PSN comes back up.
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Posted By OldManLight

Spinal cords a danglin soon.

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Posted By DANW547

Does this mean the MK1 likenesses are no longer an issue?
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Posted By MightyJ77

Count me in.

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Posted By BlackieC

I've never really played MK but seeing the review scores for the newest installment I had to order it. It should arrive tomorrow hopefully and as soon as this arrives on XBLA I'll be straight on it.

My workmate loves some MK so I'll rub this in his face then hopefully he'll pony up the cash for a 360
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Posted By sameeeeam
@Cheesebob said:
" Ultimate Mortal Kombat? Is that the one with Goro and Shao Kharn in it? "
Nope, you're thinking of MK Trilogy.
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Posted By darkjester74

Purchasing a $130 stick for a $10 game makes TOTAL economic sense!!!  =\

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Posted By thebatmobile

Dude fuck yes.

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Posted By bacongames

Wait wait wait, you're telling me an online enabled version of the first three MK games is COMING TO THE PC!?!?!?!?

This is literally the first time MK will be recognized on the PC with the modern features on expects, especially day and date with its console counterparts.