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The King of Fighters Movie Will Be Silly, Bad, or Both

Not to just lash out or anything, but after watching this quick clip, I feel like I'm left with a pretty clear indicator that this isn't something I'll want to see.

Apparently I blacked out the part of my memory devoted to the knowledge that someone was going to try to make a King of Fighters movie. But it started shooting back in November, and cast details were also available. Maggie Q (of Need for Speed Undercover fame) as Mai Shiranui? Let me be the last to say "that seems like an awful choice."

That seems like an awful choice. There, got that out of the way.

Caught this embedded clip on Kotaku, which contains some bits from the cast and crew on the movie:


"An adaptation of the popular arcade and console game series, KING OF FIGHTERS revolves around the pursuit of three artifacts that will grant their owner unlimited power over reality."
OK, right there, that sentence has more story in it than anything I really remember from the KOF series. When I think back to the games, all I can really remember is... uh... Orochi blood? And... something about NESTS? Oh, and Terry Bogard yelling "come on, come on!"

This clip also has the actresses that will be portraying Vice and Mature talking about their craft. I could go on and on about this, but really, the Internet is about creativity, and I think you shouldn't have any trouble writing your own material about this self-serious clip.

All I know is that if Heavy D! isn't in it, I'm out.
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