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    Terry Bogard

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    Terry Bogard is the male protagonist of the Fatal Fury series and SNK's mascot character. He is heavily featured in their company crossovers.

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    Terry Bogard is the primary protagonist of the Fatal Fury series as well as a regular in the King of Fighters roster, to date he has appeared in every Fatal Fury and King of Fighters game. He is the SNK mascot and often is the character that they choose to represent them in crossover games and advertising. It is a little know fact that Terry has a pet monkey named Ukee, who was the previous SNK mascot. Ukee is first seen with Terry in Fatal Fury 3


    Terry and his brother Andy were orphans adopted by Jeff Bogard. Ten years after Jeff's death at the hands of Geese Howard, Terry (along with Andy and Joe Higashi) enters the King of Fighters tournament (set during Fatal Fury)in order to avenge him.

    The following year Terry is invited to participate in a new King of Fighters tournament. This tournament is held all around the world featuring fighters from the various countries that take part in it. Terry faces off against multiple challengers until he comes face to face with Wolfgang Krauser, the younger half-brother of Geese Howard.

    Three years after the events of Fatal Fury 2 Terry & company return to South Town, USA and are alerted to Geese's contiued existence. The learn that he seeks to possess 3 sacred scrolls that could grant him great power. Events lead Terry to a one-on-one confrontation again with his father's killer atop Geese Tower. Terry again forces Geese off of the tower but this time attempts save his enemy. Geese refuses the gesture and falls to his death.

    After the Events of Real Bout Fatal Fury, Terry became the surogate father to Geese's son Rock Howard who would go on to become the protagonist of Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Mark of the Wolves is the first game where Terry uses the "Buster Wolf" technique. This is also the first appearance of Terry not wearing his signature outfit instead choosing to don blue jeans and a brown bomber jacket with no cap.


    The King of Fighters series has its own continuity, loosely tied to the events of the Fatal Fury series, which takes place in earlier King of Fighter tournaments.The version of Terry that appears in the first King of Fighters game (94) is Terry from before the events of Fatal Fury 3.In King of Fighters '94 Terry captains the aptly named Fatal Fury team whose regular members include himself, Andy, Joe and occasionally Mai Shiranui or Kim Kaphwan.


    Terry's new look in  Mark of the Wolves
    Terry's new look in Mark of the Wolves

    Terry was created to be a typical American, so as a result his speech appearance and personality mirror Japanese stereotypes for how Americans should look and act. In the original Fatal Fury Terry Wears a red leather jacket with the sleves rolled up with a pair of blue jeans ,and a red and white trucker hat. In Fatal Fury 2 Terry would get his most iconic look, a red short sleeved jacket with a white star on the back worn over a white t-shirt, red and white chuck taylors with a matching red and white hat. Terrys hair is blonde and worn in a pony tail under his baseball cap. Terrys outfit changed one last time in Garou : Mark of The Wolves With Terry donning a brown bombers jacket with dark work boots and shorter hair


    Power Wave - Punches the floor releasing a wave of energy that travels across the stage

    Burning Knuckle - Lifts his arms then quickly dashes and delivers a hard punch

    Rising Tackle - Flips upside down and kicks upward

    Crack Shoot - Jumps, and spins his body with his leg extended

    Power Dunk - Jumps, hits with his knee, then in mid-air hits with an energy-charged punch

    Power Geyser - Slams a single fist on the ground sending a geyser of energy upward at an angle

    Power Stream - Smashes the ground with both fists creating a dome of energy, around himself, afterwards the energy erupts upwards

    Buster Wolf - Lifts his arms, asks the opponent "Are you okay?" then dashes forward delivering a hard punch backed up by an arc of energy.


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